The Kronstadt Commune

by Ida Mett

'A new White plot... expected and undoubtedly prepared by the French counter-revolution.'
Pravda, March 3, 1921.

'White generals, you all know it, played a great part in this. This is fully proved.'
Lenin, report delivered to the 10th Congress of the R.C.P. (B), March 8, 1921. Selected Works, vol. IX, p.98.

'The Bolsheviks denounced the men of Kronstadt as counter-revolutionary mutineers, led by a White general. The denunciation appears to have been groundless.'
Isaac Deutcher, The Prophet Armed, (Oxford University Press, 1954) p.511

'No pretence was made that the Kronstadt mutineer were White Guards.'
Brian Pearce (Historian of the Socialist Labour Leaque) in Labour Review, vol. V, No. 3.

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