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War on Terror/Terror of War (Also see the Stop the War page)

Six questions about the war
Six basic questions about the war answered by quotes from USA government documents and the media
[PDF file of Six questions about the War]

Hunger is a weapon
Is the U.S. Government taking advantage of the famine conditions in Afghanistan? Why are the appeals for a pause in the bombing meeting deaf ears?

Hatred: The price of intervention
'Operation: Enduring Freedom' is not a recipe for peace and security, it is a recipe for perpetual violence and war.

Profits: The Prize of Intervention
If bombing Afghanistan is making a bad situation worse, why is it being done? Might the oil and gas of Central Asia have something to do with it.

A Chronology of Conflict
Western Military Intervention in the Middle East/North Africa since 1950.

Commissars of the Free Press
Why don't we have a media which attempts to be unbiased and objective? Why don't we have a media which presents all relevant information rather than selecting some information for prominent display and largely rejecting other information? Why don't we have a wider diversity of opinion in the media?

Crusade Versus Jihad
A war against terrorism? A war for the people of Afghanistan? A war for security?

For Security Oppose The Bombing
is not the course of action embarked on by the British and American governments likely to increase not decrease the threat of anti-Western violence?

Bin Bush, Bin Blair and Bin Bin Laden
report on the national anti-war demo in London on November 18th and on the media reaction

War without end

Afghanistan after the fall of Kabul, addressing the Northern Alliance, Imperialist competition, Heroin production, warlords and the civilian casualties of the Anglo-American offensive. March 2002. Essay.

Empire in Central Asia
Imperialist competition in Central Asia and it's relevance to the "war against terrorism". Oil, gas, pipelines and proxy armies. March 2002. Essay.

Making a Killing

Harass the Brass
Mutiny in the U.S. armed forces and the role of mutiny in revolution.

The S.A.S. Myth
A review of 'Dangerous Men' which looks at the role of the S.A.S. in popular culture. Winter 2000

Neutrality, Leprechauns and Moving Statues
What is the European Union's Army, the Rapid Reaction Force, and what is it's real role? March 2001.

"Plan Columbia":
A Case Study in the European Union's Common Foreign and Security Policy.

Die For Your Government.
The European Union's military wing, the 'humanitarian intervention' lie, and what attitude we ought to take to our rulers wars. Winter 2000

The Empire's New Clothes
Humanitarian Intervention in Yugoslavia , Iraq , Indonesia and worldwide , the Imperialist reality behind our rulers fine words of peace and security. Winter 1999. Published in Moonlight 1. Essay.

Saviors of the World
The final nail in the coffin of Irish neutrality and the Somalian intervention as an example of our ruler's superhuman efforts to save the savages of the 'Third World' from themselves. Spring 1999. Published in Direct Action Against Apathy

War is Peace? : War is Peace? Against N.A.T.O.'s Partnership for Peace
Ireland's entry into N.A.T.O. front organization the so-called Partnership for Peace , a body dedicated not to peace but to imperialism and the profits of arms corporations.
Spring 1999. Published as a pamphlet under the same name. Essay.

Myths of Blood and Soil

The purpose of this section is to show how when they no longer serve their purpose to our rulers (that of 'manufacturing consent') parliament and the rule of law are quickly disposed of . A supposed commitment to their so-called democracy did not prevent the rulers of Britain , Ireland and Italy from supporting Fascism in the past and it will not prevent it in the future. It also serves to demonstrate that rather than being a radical alternative or the product of dangerous extremists from beyond the pale Fascism is yet another device for maintaining minority rule.

Britain: For King and Country
British Establishment support for Fascism in the 20ies and 30ies and the history of Fascist groups in the Conservative Party since then. Winter 1998.

Ireland:When the bishop's blessed the blueshirts
The Fascist origins of one of Ireland's main political parties and establishment support for Franco during the Spanish Civil War. Winter 2000.

Gladio : The stratergy of tension 
Te use of Fascist groups by the Italian secret state in the 1970ies to stall a 'slide to the left' . Spring 1998. Published in Moonlight 2

Revolution Beats

'Revolutionary War? A Contribution to the Debate about the Spanish Revolution
A contribution to the debate on the Spanish Revolution. Was it possible for the Spanish anarchist movement to win the war without compromising with other anti-fascist forces? Winter 2000.

Worker's Ice Pick
This essay is written in response to the book "Blackshirts and Reds" by Michael Parenti, a large part of which is taken up with apologetics for, and praise of, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and it's satellites . Spring 2001. Essay.

Reclaiming the Revolution.
A look at the fallacy at the heart of George Orwell's Animal Farm and a look at the popular revolutionary resistance to Bolshevik dictatorship. February 2002. Essay.


Interview with Darren
From Direct Action Against Apathy zine. This interview is mostly about eco-activism. Spring 2000. Published in Zwerge of Doom 1

Interview with Sandeep
From the Campaign Against Iraq Sanctions (Ireland) and the People's Union for Civil Liberties (India) . This interview is mostly about the effects of sanctions of the Iraqi people and about caste and civil liberties in India. Spring 2000. Published in Moonlight 2.


With the Black Bloc in Genoa
Inital impressions

"Genoa beyond the hype"
Only what we know happened, plus opinion on the day itself, divisions in the
movement and the lefty anti-anarchist smear campaign. August 2001

Madrid Against Capitalist Globalisation
Report from demonstration against "social partnership" in Madrid.

Century of revolt
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