Anarchism and Revolutionary Syndicalism in Africa

As well as the information on this page you should consider subscribing to the anarchy_africa mailing list. This receives regular articles from African anarchists on events in Africa of interest to anarchists in particular labour and land disputes. The list also has a large archive accessible to members that goes back over two years.

The individual country notes here reflect the extreme difficult of ordinary Africans to communicate with the rest of the world due to dictatorships, poverty and poor access to telecommunications. Many led to more questions then they answer. Subscribe to anarchy_africa for future news.

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Awareness League


In early September 2000 a post was sent to ainfos claiming credit for an armed attack by anarchists on a police station in Uganda. Subsequent posts and replies showed this story was more complex then initially suggested. Below we archive the original posts and replies.

South Africa

Bikisha Media Collective

Zabalaza Books

Workers Solidarity Federation (dissolved)

Predecessors of the WSF

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Featured Articles:
South African Anarchists Against the World Conference Against Racism South African Anarchist statement on the WTC attacks South African Anarchist analysis of the Anti-globalisation movement

Sierra Leone

The Industrial Workers of the World (dissolved?)


Al Badil al Taharouri


Arabic texts in the social sciences from the libertarian (radical left wing) view.

We are Egyptian writers and researchers participating in the libertarian radical left wing. That site includes some of our writings in Arabic or


There is a group active in the trade unions there but for the moment no additional details are available.

Zaire/Democratic Republic of Congo

The Australian anarcho-syndicalist magazine Organise reports that the XX1 IWA congress in December 2000 was told an organisation was emerging there. More details appreciated.


The CNT-F have contacts in Algeria

Also see the Freedom Press African index


African Anarchism: The history of a movement (Awareness League - Nigeria)
Reviews: [Workers Solidarity Magazine(ireland)]  [Black Flag (UK)]

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African anarchist mailing list

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Useful articles

Reading by Paraffin: Cracks in the Zimbabwean Mirror

Article from April 2000 explaining the background to the Zimbabwean land crisis

Review: African Anarchism: The history of a movement

This book is written by two members of the Awareness League, a 1000-strong anarcho-syndicalist organisation in Nigeria

"Fight for Africa, which you deserve" The Industrial Workers of Africa in South Africa, 1917-1921

A historical look at early revolutionary syndicalist unions in South Africa.

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