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Issue No.1 of Zabalaza: revolutionary anarchism for southern Africa has hit the streets. Also available as a PDF file for you to download and distribute

This Issue contains articles covering GEAR, the Need for a Revolutionary Anarchist Federation, Imperialism, the World Bank and Africa, the AIDS Crisis in South Africa and Lessons from Zimbabwe.

Issue 1 is 8 pages and costs R1.50.

Zabalaza No.1, April 2001

The neo-liberal agenda: GEAR versus the working class

Underlying the government's drive to privatise is the neo-liberal GEAR programme. This is a macro-economic policy adopted by the government in mid-1996.

Phansi GEAR Phansi!

Mumso oke fokotse tshebediso ya tjhelete. Gear e re mmuso o sebedisa tjhelete e ngata mme e tshwanela ho fokotsa batho ba sebeletsang mmuso, hore o tle o kgone ho lefella dithoto bophelo bo botle le ditshebeletso tsa setjhaba.

The Need for a Revolutionary Anarchist Federation

Since the 1980's, the Anarchist movement has experienced a steady increase in numbers and activism. Much of this growth has been spontaneous and inspiring. With that growth we have seen strides in virtually all strains of Anarchism, but the one that has perhaps had the greatest impact on modern Anarchism in the last thirty years - the revolutionary anarchist tendency - has grown stagnant, and its time to resurrect this vibrant wing of Anarchist organising.

Your Money or Your Life - The World Bank, IMF, and neo-imperialism

If you've ever owed money to a bank, you'll know it's not a pleasant experience. Depending on whether they think you're good for the money, the bank will either screw you in the short term or milk you dry over the long term. Banks are in the business of making money and generally they'll stop at nothing to get their way.

The South African AIDS Question

The position that AIDS is a disease of poverty cannot be disputed. Like with everything in life, the capitalist class, using the wealth it has expropriated has a monopoly on unlimited access to condoms, medication and better knowledge of the disease.

ZIMBABWE - Land Invasions and lessons for the working class

THE so-called "debate" over the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe over the past year has generated more heat than light. The main reason why this is so is because it completely excludes the voice of the Zimbabwean working class.

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