About the Zapatista index

revised 18.Oct.99

As a major extension to our existing web pages the Irish Mexico Group is putting up a index to all the documents about the Zapatista uprising on the web in English (the language deficiencies of our web maintainer prevent us attempting this in Spanish!!). Right now the index is far from complete, it concentrates on the 500 or so documents that are already on our site and the most obvious of the solidarity web pages.

The creation of this index flows from feedback about our existing web site and in particular the realisation that there are many school and university students doing projects on Mexico and sometimes even the Zapatistas that would find such an index useful. It also flows from research we have done both on and off the web, in particular the difficulty of locating exact information as opposed to general solidarity web pages. This is because links where they do currently exists between pages tend to link to the top pages of particular organisations rather then to specific subject areas or documents. In addition somewhere between 33% and 50% of links tend to be dead.

The core ideas for this project are

- to link to specific information rather then organisations (although we also have a geographically sorted organisation index).

- that the maintainers of the page submit the link themselves, choosing the subject area, title and a short description through an easy to use URL submitter

- that any user can report a link that has gone dead through an easy to use dead URL reporter

- that we aim is to provide a frequently updated and valid index to information stored elsewhere rather then to provide 'breaking news' or (necessarily) put up the information ourselves.

The index itself is located on a well secured server with fast access at


At this early stage we would ask anyone maintaining a Zapatista solidarity page to consider

1. linking to the index

2. using the URL submitter to send us URL's for any of your pages you think we should be indexing.

Our current main page receives over 3000 visits a month at present, with an estimated 50,000+ hits on month on the Mexico section of the Revolt site.

A final note for those concerned with security. As we are indexing information that is already on the web this should be of little concern. However it can be said that the Irish Mexico Group has been in existence since 1995 and most solidarity groups will have members that have met at least one of our members. We have had a more or less permanent presence in Chiapas (Diez de Abril) since late 1997. Our web maintainer - Andrew - has been involved with the group since 1995, has been to Chiapas twice (and both encounters) and has written and spoken extensively in Ireland and Britain about the Zapatistas. Have a look at our existing pages for further information.

Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 09:28:24 -0800 From: NUEVO AMANECER PRESS <amanecer@aa.net> Subject: Zapatista index - NAP endorsement     Dear Friends of NAP:   Since this notice came out, we have had several e-mails asking us about the Irish Mexico group. NUEVO AMANECER PRESS , wishes to make public our endorsement of this project and of the Irish Mexico group. We wish to encourage all who can help this project to get in touch with them.   Susana Saravia for the NAP Team  
Announcement: 17/11/98   The Zapatista index   In order to make it easier for English speakers to gain a detailed understanding of the EZLN rebellion in Chiapas, Mexico, the Irish Mexico Group has launched the 'Zapatista index' on the web at http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/zapatista.html   This index aims to list all the major documents, by subject, available in English by and about the Zapatistas. It also provides links to local solidarity groups and resources for activists like videos and photographs along with pages and lists providing up to date news. Since the index was launched earlier this month it has been endorsed by the major source of translated EZLN communiques and other news on Chiapas, Nuevo Amanecer Press. We have also received submissions for indexing from several existing solidarity groups/projects and these have now been added to the index.   We would like to request web maintainers to add a link to the Zapatista index. If the page you maintain is about the Zapatistas we suggest you add a link such as   <P><CENTER><FONT SIZE="+1"> <A HREF="http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/zapatista.html"> For further information try the Zapatista index </A></FONT></CENTER></P>   We also suggest you visit the index and submit the relevant sections of your site for indexing to us. An easy to use form is provided on the site.   If you maintain another 'progressive' web page we would suggest a link along the lines of   <P><CENTER><FONT SIZE="+1"> <A HREF="http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/zapatista.html"> Find out about the Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas, Mexico </A></FONT> </CENTER></P>   More details of the Zapatista index can be found at http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/zap/about.html   The URL of the index once again is http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/zapatista.html  
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 20:05:41 -0600 (CST) From: owner-chiapas95@eco.utexas.edu (Chiapas95) Subject: En;NAP:The Zapatista index 11/17 To: chiapas95@eco.utexas.edu Reply-to: chiapas-i@eco.utexas.edu Message-id: <199811200205.UAA26795@sharpe.eco.utexas.edu> Precedence: bulk     -- Dear Friends: N.A.P. feels this is one of the most important efforts undertaken in English and asks you to please help by liking your web page to it and making this information as widely as possible. Thank you, Susana Saravia Coordinator NAP  

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