Crime, prison and punishment :
An anarchist view

What is crime and who defines it, if we get rid of the police then who will stop crime occuring.

Class War prisoner

Texts from the Workers Solidarity Movement

Crime and community policing
The term 'community policing' has been much abused in recent times, most particularly in the North of Ireland where it has become shorthand for vicious punishment beatings and shootings. In this article Gregor Kerr takes a look at the issue of community policing - what it is and more importantly what it isn't. The question of what levels of real community policing would actually be possible or allowed under capitalism is looked at, and the debate about crime, anti-social behaviour and reactions to it in an anarchist society is touched on.

Crime and Punishment
What exactly is crime anyway, who defines it and how is it enforced.

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Crime, Criminals, Punishment an anarchist view

Kropotkin came up with three types of crime. Property related crime, government related crime and crimes against the person. In Britain it has been estimated that 94% of crime is committed against property. However what isn't recorded are those crimes committed for property.

Irish campaigner arrested and beaten

The most frightening experience involved my arresting Carabinari attempting to stab me. When this happened my mind thought of people who had died of gunshot wounds in French detention and for a moment I did question my future

Who guards the guards?

In the light of the latest crime scare and the extra powers provided to the police we look at what the state is really up to.

New law aids pimps and protection rackets

Tagged on to the end of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 1993 were further restrictions on prostitution. Under the new act, prostitutes are now liable to fines of up to £1,000 and up to six months in prison.

Censor Censored!

A Censorship law praised by feminists has been used to ban books by a leading anti-porn feminist.

Pushers Out: Poverty Out too

The Heroin crisis continues in Dublin, we examine how it is rooted in poverty

Homelessness - Prostitution; Legalisation?

The sex industry is expanding and is said to gross millions of pounds per annum. Over the last year this has been reflected in the increasing focus in the media on prostitution.

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Gardaí involved in racist persecution

Belmondo Wantete, an electrical engineer from the Congo, has lived in Ireland with his wife and young children for the last four years, and is a legal resident. Last year, on May 1st, gardaí raided his home at 3am. They shouted threats and racist abuse, and pushed a gun through his letter box.

Red and Black Ireland

News of Anarchism in Ireland

The Ainriail mailing list carries the latest news from the WSM and the struggles anarchists are involved in. There are never more then 8 posts a week (and normally only 2-4). We post printed articles to it shortly after they are published.

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It's one law for the rich...

Employment Equality Bill

The Employment Equality Bill effectively gives schools and hospitals which are controlled by either of the churches the right to discriminate on the basis of marital status, family/parental status, sexual orientation, race, religion or membership of the Traveller Community

Irish Building workers ripped off in Germany

Thousands of Irish building workers have gone to work in Germany over the last few years. As European integration proceeds, German contractors are increasingly turning to foreign workers. They want foreign workers because they are cheaper, unorganised and easier to push around

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Your job is not worth a lot

... and that's official according to the appeals tribunal

Which western country never fully abolished slavery?

SLAVERY IS STILL LEGAL in the USA. Contrary to what we may learn in school, the American Civil War did not see the complete abolition of slavery in 1865.

The Anti-D scandal

Due to contaminated Anti-D about a thousand women have contracted Hepatitis C. We look at why the contamination happened and why the government tried to cover it up

Explosion in Cork Harbour

The explosion and fire at the Hickson chemical plant in Ringaskiddy, Cork, last August, has gone down as one of the most serious industrial accidents in Ireland to date.

Accidents will happen?

Workplace accidents rarely happen. They are caused. It is equally the case that workers end up taking more than their fair share of blame when things do go wrong

Wads of cash

Corruption, corruption, corruption, everywhere you go. No matter where you turn these days, it seems to jump right up into your face. Lowry. Haughey. Brown paper bags. Wads of cash. Bank Drafts. Favours. Planning permission. Rezoning. The Cayman Islands!

37% illegally underpaid

Over 37% of the workplaces visited by wages inspectors were illegally underpaying staff.

Uncle Sams Torture Trade

From September 1991-December 1993, the U.S. Commerce Department approved over 350 export licenses, worth more than $27 million, for torture and police equipment

Review: Would Pat Buchanan take a cheque from Satan

A review of Michael Moore's 'Downsize this!'

Crime does pay

When Shell managers in Nigeria declare openly that they prefer military dictatorship to representative rule, they know what they are talking about.

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...and another for the rest of us


The Censorship of Abortion Information Act, 1995

In the autumn of 1992, the people of Ireland voted to legalise abortion information. More than two years later, the government has finally introduced a Bill to 'regulate' this information.

Anarchists raided in Canada

The Canadian state has raided anarchists in Quebec in response to growing social unrest.

If the cops don't like you

Class War meeting banned in Dublin

Costly speech for Irish dissidents

Three socialists in Cork, members of the Socialist Alliance group, have found themselves up against the guardians of 'public order' for the second time in two months. Their crime? Putting up posters.

Wexford strike declared illegal

WORKERS AT Nolans Transport in New Ross have been told their strike is illegal. They have been in dispute since February 1993 for better pay, better conditions and union recognition.

Roadblocks on the Information Super-highway

Capitalism will not allow 'freedom of information' in any real sense. The mass media is all state owned or owned by wealthy corporations. As long as access to the internet was confined to a narrow layer of academics and students, freedom of expression was permitted. But now that it starts to become a mass medium of communication the state is seeking to impose limits on this expression.

513 Anarchists arrested in Greece

On November 18th this year after an overnight battle with police and fascist gangs on one side and Greek anarchists on the other riot police stormed Athens Polytechnic and arrested 513 of the 2000 mostly anarchist occupiers.

Socialist arrested by gardai

SWP election candidate was arrested by Gardai while making an election address in Rathmines, Dublin

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Free speech and the litter act

The use of the Litter Act to prevent the distribution of anti-racist leaflets is a very serious step. A blanket ban on the distribution of leaflets would have serious consequences for other political, environmental, civil liberties, community or trade union campaigns.

The United States of Captivity

The US Prison system incarcerated its two millionth prisoner. This means that the prison population of the USA accounts for 25% of the entire prison population of the world


Legalise it

The legaisation of Cannabis is now being debated openly by sections of the European ruling class.

The heroin menace

Dublin is experiencing a heroin epidemic similar to the in the late 1970s. That epidemic left hundreds of young people hooked on heroin and dozens of them have since died of AIDS and AIDS related diseases. Some big criminals made fortunes out of it

Bans or legalisation?

SINCE THE DAYS of Concerned Parents Against Drugs (CPAD), the growth of the heroin problem in inner-city Dublin has largely gone without comment. In the last few months, two factors have pushed it back into the spotlight - the government's declaration of a 'War on Drugs', and the emergence of the city-wide campaign against heroin which has been set up by Inner City Organisations Network.

Direct Action Against Drugs: Murder & Thuggery

MEN SHOT DEAD, many more beaten up. Attacks in Armagh, Belfast, Derry, Dublin, Dundalk and Kerry. In most cases the reason given was that the people being punished were ecstasy dealers. The murders in the six counties were claimed by Direct Action Against Drugs.

The Secret Police during the Russian revolution

Was the Cheka integral to Lenin's doctrine or did it arrive by chance?

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Anarchist ex-Black Panther to speak in Ireland

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin speaking tour, US political prisoner and ex-Black Panther was speaking in Ireland in May of 1997. This article explains who he is.

Lorenzo arrested
Recently the WSM organised a speaking tour by Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin in Ireland. After Ireland Lorenzo went to Australia where he was arrested by the racist Australian government.

International campaign wins stay of execution for US black activist

American black activist and journalist, Mumia Abu-Jamal, was sentenced to die at 10pm on August 17th. Protests which took place in over twenty countries forced the US authorities to grant a stay of execution, just 11 days before he was to be killed.

article by Mumia: The return of the chain gangs

Review: BAD - The Autobiography of James Carr

From Gangster to revolutionary - This book tells the brutally honest story of a Black American brought up in the ghettos of LA to become, alongside George Jackson, one of the most intransigent prison rebels of that period of the late 60s and early 70s

Troops out : Prisoners out

We welcome the cease-fire. The "peace process", however, has little to recommend it. It represents little more than arguments over who exactly will administer capitalism in Ireland.

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