Anarchism and the WSM

The Workers Solidarity Movement is Ireland's longest running libertarian socialist organisation, having been in existence for over 20 years. As well as producing propaganda we also engage in day-today activity, for example we helped in setting up the "Dublin Grassroots Network" which went on to organise the Mayday Protest of 2004 against "Fortress Europe".

The EU Protests, like all struggles we are involved in, highlighted the vision we believe should take precedence - a participatory democratic society with equal opportunity for all, workplaces owned and managed by those who work in them, producing for people's need rather than for shareholders' profit..

Recently, members of the WSM have been agitating with the Dissent network in Scotland against the G8.We're also involved on a more local basis, from the "stand up for your rights campaign" aimed at unionising unorganised workers, anti-racism, and trade union struggles.

Our goal is a society that values co-operation over competition - we see no need for the continuous strife, hunger and poverty that dogs our society - many of these social ills are caused not by laziness, shortages or inefficiencies as governments or business leaders might have you believe, but by the unrestrained greed, corruption and undemocratic structures of businesses and governments themselves! We need to challenge these sources of hierarchical authority and bring the power back to where it belongs.....with the people! Our goal is simple, serious and achievable. We need working people like you to help it become a reality. Its not about following a party line, or voting a few gombeen men into power, it's just you and your fellow workers standing together for a better future.


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This edition is No87 published in July 2005