Getting organised for a brighter future

We are social creatures. We cannot do many things on our own, we flock together, and in most cases we solve our problems together.

In the existing system, the amount of things we have to fight against appears to grow daily. In this issue of the paper we deal with the War, a workplace fight against privatisation, and the property rip-off. As an individual you could be involved in struggles against these and other oppressive developments. But you need the unity and the strength that comes though working together. Anarchists are no different, we organise to make our views heard, to give a picture of the type of system we wish to replace the current deadly one with.

Different places and struggles all entail different types of organisations. There is the trade union movement for workplace struggles; the community group for local matters. But no matter what type of organisation it is, there is one very important trait that we seek to establish, and that is a true participatory democracy. In the WSM, we are not different. We are a group of like minded individuals who see Capitalism as being the unifying theme behind much if not all of the oppression which we see in today?s world. Within the group we are stronger, and we share and develop skills which help us in our struggle.

We aim to replicate the type of society that we wish to create in our organisation by having real democracy. All have an equal say. All have the same rights. All of us work towards the same aims. We are there to encourage each other; to pick each other up, and to help each other out. Together we can produce this paper, a magazine, and have a huge website where we put a vision before people of what we want for ourselves and for the world. We wish to see a society based on the ideas of freedom and self-management. Within the organisation we work to create the type of environment where people can feel free and empowered. We are taking steps to begin to seize control of our own destiny.

You would never expect anyone to win a war without organising to take on the enemy. In the same way, we think the way that you organise and fight will determine what type of society follows on from it. The means will shape the end.

We are not asking people to join an army, where you have a hierarchy of generals and officers to salute, or to put it another way, where you have the leadership above the worker drones who sell papers and put up posters. Anarchists advocate libertarian organising, where people come together as equals and participate fully to determine the decisions and direction of the group. Organised anarchist groups like the WSM are growing because people can see that together we are all getting closer towards the ideal, a world without Capital, a world without war, and world without hunger. We work towards one where there will be freedom, economic equality and true democracy. No individual is going to achieve this for us, we must do this for ourselves: together.

Workers Solidarity

PO box 1528, Dublin 8, Ireland
Affiliated to International Libertarian Solidarity (ILS/SIL)


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This edition is No85 published in March 2005

Workers Solidarity 85