Shannon Activists Trial

The State Persecutes the Ploughshares People

In a battle between a hammer and a US Warplane I know which side I am on.

The Irish State is to put on trial the Ploughshares activists, Deirdre Clancy, Nuin Dunlop, Karen Fallon, Damien Moran and Ciaron O_Reilly. On March the 7th they will face charges on two counts of criminal damage, one to a US warplane ($2.5Million) and one for a bit of double glazing repairs to Shannon Airport (E200). They already have spent one month in prison in Limerick following their arrests on February 3rd 2003 for their brave stand against this war and our island's part in it.

If convicted they could get sentences of up to ten years imprisonment.

It is indicative of the nature of the gombeens in power that they are busy having a case prepared against these pacifists whilst last summer they rolled out the red carpet for the war criminal Bush. Despite the horror of Abu Ghraib, despite the tens of thousands of deaths in Iraq, despite the chaos that still exists there and despite the wholesale plunder of that land, the Irish State is busy prosecuting people who took a non-violent stand. Before this particular hammer went through that particular nose-cone of that particular plane, many people appeared oblivious to Shannon's complicit servicing of the US War machine. Illusions lay shattered along with bits of that piece of military hardware and we, the Irish, could no longer ignore our role in this war.

Now it is our turn to support them through protests and donations.


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This edition is No84 published in Jan 2005