Tricky Taoiseach Turn Pink

Back in November while we, the people, were doing what we normally do, working hard, getting caught in gridlock and worrying if we had enough money for the Christmas presents, there was a revolution going on in St. Lukes which we barely noticed. In the darkening light of that month there was a RED DAWN. Bertie Ahern; the dear leader himself revealed in an interview with Mark Brennock (IT 20.11.04) that "I am one of the few socialists left in Irish politics."

As usual we were too busy working to pay attention to what came into his head and out of his mouth that morning. But even for this gobshite, this was a highly fantastical excrement that he was spouting.

We took a look around at the socialist utopia that our leader had created for us and we were not impressed.

Do we have an amazing health system caring for the poor and the elderly? No. In fact they were stealing money off pensioners who were unfortunate enough to be in nursing homes.

Do we have free education for all? No, registration charges are climbing all the time whilst all grants have not been keeping pace and teachers are being pushed into a corner by the government.

What we do see is a push by the government to run down and privatise services. Bin Taxes, then Aer Rianta, then An Post, then ESB, then they appear at our door looking to charge us for water when all it ever does is rain. The madness of the 'socialist' beloved leader is there for all too see. So keep up the work comrades. The leader is doing what he does best, which is planning more stealth taxes and talking shite. Dear leader, socialism means more than letting the commoners into the parks. and the Botanic Gardens.


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This edition is No84 published in Jan 2005