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In the last few months, if you've been following the news, there's a few things that have stuck out. There's been a lot of talk about democracy and more about the economy. We've gone through local and European elections and hosted an EU summit. We've been told that our Taoiseach is one of the great statesmen on the world stage. We've also heard that the Celtic Tiger is back and that we enjoy one of the top ten living standards in the world. The message is fairly obvious, that we have it good and that we shouldn't forget it.

Well not everyone swallows the hype. We don't believe that being able to choose between a bunch of gangsters, grafters and gombeen men every few years adds up to democracy and we don't think that pimping yourself out to a boss in return for whatever he'll give you is anything to be grateful for. We hear them mention freedom and we think of the government's reaction to recent protests against the E.U. and Bush, which were met with the biggest police operations the State has ever seen. When they talk about Bush and democracy we think about the tragedy in Iraq, where a people are being brutalised so that huge corporations can divide up their oil. We also think about the fact that the U.S. use Shannon airport as a military base despite the fact that most Irish people are against it. So much for democracy!

They talk about the high standard of living we enjoy and we just wonder where they got their information from. Did they ever have to wait on a trolley in Accident and Emergency for days while overworked hospital staff tried in vain to cope? Don't they know about the housing shortage where people have waited for years on council lists or about the people lucky enough to be able to buy a house getting into debt they can't possibly keep up with?

There seem to be two different realities in Ireland today, the reality that the powerful tell us about and then the reality that actually exists, the one most of us really live. Basically, the outlook you take depends on how much money you have or what family you were lucky enough to be born into.

Workers Solidarity is the newspaper of the Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM). We're an anarchist organization who hold the pretty simple idea that society shouldn't be divided up into bosses and workers, and that we shouldn't be separated by gender or race. We want to spread our ideas so every two months we publish at least 6,000 copies of this newspaper and distribute them in our neighborhoods, workplaces, on demonstrations and to friends. We organize ourselves in a non hierarchial fashion and make decisions democratically, so everyone gets a say. Lately we've been involved in organizing the days of action around Mayday, the protests against Bush and campaigning against the racist referendum. We've also opened an office, expanded in membership a little and, as always, are keen to hear from anyone who would like to get involved or find out more.

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This edition is No82 published in September 2004