Democracy Where Are You?

Dubya Gets a New Pet in Ireland

Both the media and the state are incapable of telling the truth about May Day 2004. A witch-hunt is being conducted by the state, ably assisted by the media. We are supposed to have the right to peacefully protest. Indeed, it is this right that distinguishes democracy from dictator-ship. It was due to the fact that we have such a right that over a 100,000 people took to the streets to display their opposition to the war. The May 2004 protests are no different.

In this 'democratic' world it is the pursuit of profit that is put before all else, where dignitaries and leaders zip around our city making decisions over fine wines, decisions that affect us but ones in which we have no say.

The government's street party was cancelled but no reason was given, later it transpired from an 'anonymous source in the cabinet' that it was because of those pesky protestors. Who was being secretive now? Really what the authorities hate more than anything is protests, and what's more, a protest that focuses attention on their agenda. Europe is about keeping certain people out, and also about bulldozing a clear pathway for the privatisation of our services.

When the Mercedes cavalcades no longer cut through town there will be certain truths that remain. McDowell will still be pursuing his racist policy of forced deportations. The council will still be increasing your bin-tax bill for next year, while in the north they are coninuing to introduce water-charges. The cops who battered people in Mayday two years ago will still not have been tried. The Warmonger George Bush will be coming to visit Ireland in June to thank us for opening Shannon up as a petrol station for his warplanes carting death to Iraq. Our imbecile, Bertie, will be there grinning like a favoured pet, representing both Europe and Ireland. Bush is over to thank his friends, Irish and European, who have helped him in his effort to steal the resources of Iraq, install a puppet regime there, liberating that country by invading it, and killing all who resist the imperialist army.

When the EU circus leaves, we start concentrating on the visit of the world's no. 1 terrorist, George W. Bush. Let's all make sure he knows how we feel about him when the leader of the 'free' world lands. This world won't be free for a while yet, and there will be many more protests before we get to real democracy, and real freedom. The leaders better get used to protest.

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