Our publications

1. Since our foundation the WSM has placed a very high priority on our publications. These are our public voice, they are means by which many people will make their first contact with the organisation. Quality and content are both, therefore, extremely important.

2. We will produce a range of publications each of which is tailored to best suit a particular need. In addition the text of all WSM publications will be available on the WSM web page and posted to the Ainriail mailing list.

3. All national publications will have an editorial group that is elected by national conference. National conference will set general guidelines for this group to follow which will include key areas to cover, the general balance of articles required in the publication and an annual budget for the publication. In between national conferences the editorial groups are answerable to National committee.

4. Each editorial group will have the following responsibilities, these in general include all aspects of publication from the commissioning of articles to the arrival of the material back from the printer and further distribution of it.

a) ensure that the publication is produced according to deadline, this includes the writing of additional material by the editorial group itself if this is required to make the deadline.

b) ensure that the publication is in agreement with the requirements set by national conference and listed at the foot of this position paper.

c) ensure that articles are within the agreed WSM policy or they are clearly marked as the work of a guest writer or part of a debate.

d) ensure that articles are proof read and free of typographical mistakes

e) arrange the layout, delivery of print ready material and collection of finished material from the printers. In general this should all be carried out by a member of the editorial group or where this is not possible by the co-option as a 'non-voting' member of the group by someone with the required skills.

f) distribute the publication to those responsible for its public distribution

Editorial boards that fail to fulfil all the criteria above should be recalled and replaced at the first opportunity.

5. Last minute changes to articles can only be made at a formal editorial level and must be recorded in the minutes. Where possible the author should be contacted but where this is not possible and the changes reflect a real change in what the article says then a editorial pseudonym should be used to sign the article. Such changes should only be made where it is believed the original article is accidentally outside the agreed positions of the organisation (where it is deliberately outside it should be treated as an article submitted to reflect internal debate).

6. Specific publications

6.1 Red and Black Revolution is a magazine aimed at people with some knowledge of anarchism.

6.2 Workers Solidarity is a free/donation news sheet aimed at people that have little or no knowledge of anarchism. Its primary purpose is to give an anarchist perspective on current issues and to increase peoples knowledge of what anarchism is..

6.3 Anarchist News is a free leaflet published around a single news-related theme

7. All WSM publications will be supplied in text and PDF (sized for A4) to the WSM web site by the person delegated to do the layout. Free publications will be supplied as soon as they are laid out and can be published before the printed version returns from the printer. Publications that are sold will be supplied by the time the printed version returns from the printer but most of the articles will not be published until two months after that date to encourage sales.

Short term perspectives

S1. Initially Workers Solidarity production will continue at 6,500 copies of each issue produced every two months. However by the time the number of WS supporters (including WSM members) has risen to 30 production will be 8000 copies of each issue with 8 issues a year. At the next conference after this is achieved new targets will be drawn up. Where the editorial group believe extra possibilities for distribution will exist for an issue they may increase the circulation to 8,000 for that issue. [July 2004]

S2. With the large number of new libertarian activists Red & Black Revolution has a very central role to play in introducing them to detailed discussion of anarchism and anarchist analysis of struggles. We will therefore produce two editions a year of at least 16 pages each which will be sold for 1 Euro. This should include one substantial article of 5-8,000 words and two or more of 3-4,000 words. [July 2004]

S3. Each branch will give a commitment to sell a certain number of copies of the magazine (that number is set by the branch).

S4. All WSM publications (papers, magazines, leaflets, posters, pamphlets, etc.) will carry the WSM symbol, postal address and URL. [Oct 05]

Amended Oct 2005

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