Help build anarchism in Ireland -
Distribute Workers Solidarity

Do you want to help build anarchism in Ireland? Distributing the Irish anarchist paper Workers Solidarity where you live, work or study is one way in which you can do this. You can also distribute it at gigs or at other events, what ever you think is suitable.

Workers Solidarity carries anarchist reports on struggles in Ireland alongside reports on the international anarchist movement and articles that explain aspects of anarchist history and theory. Workers Solidarity appears every two months so distributing it gives you a regular way of informing those around you about anarchism. Distributors find it is a good starting point for discussions about anarchism.

We are building a network of distributors all over Ireland. Do you want to join this growing network? If so simply email us (at and tell us how many of each future issue of Workers Solidarity you would like to be sent to distribute (5, 10, 20, more?).

To receive printed copies of our paper Workers Solidarity to distribute contact us at WSM, PO Box 1528, Dublin 8or by email at Remember to tell us how many you want and what your postal address is!

International Readers: please print out and distributed the PDF version instead as we can't afford international postage charges to send you free copies.


1. Can I give out my own leaflets or zines with Workers Solidarity

We don't seek to control what distributors give out with WS but obviously if we were very unhappy with it (eg racist or simply crazy material etc) we'd stop sending them WS.

2. How many people have asked to Workers Solidarity distribute

Currently about 50 non members have asked for copes of Workers Solidarity to distribute in Ireland. The number who report distributing it internationally is recorded on the PDF version web pages

3. Where is Workers Solidarity distributed

The vast majority of copies are distributed in Dublin or Cork. Most major cities (Belfast, Derry, Galway and Limerick) now have at least one person distributing and a number of people also distribute in smaller towns and even villages. In the near future we hope to add a map of Ireland to the site with a dot for the general location of each distributor.

4. Will it cost me anything to distribute Workers Solidarity

No. All the costs are covered by WSM members. Some distributors do send us donations but although we are very grateful for these this is not required.


If you want to help build anarchism in Ireland by distributing Workers Solidarity just email and tell us how many copies you want.

Workers Solidarity 71

WS cover

Workers Solidarty 69 cover

Irish anarchist paper

For people outside Ireland we make a PDF version of Workers Solidarity available on our web site (as its too expensive to send free copies by international post)