What a wonderful world we live in!!

IF EVER YOU'VE felt doubts about why you are so against the capitalist system, just read the latest United Nations Human Development Report (or at least the media synopsis of it - see Irish Times 9/9/98). You may have known that there is inequality in the world, that the rich always seem to look after themselves and the poor just simply get poorer all the time. But are you aware of just how unequal the distribution of wealth actually is? Even for a battle-hardened campaigner against inequality and injustice like myself, the figures are quite horrifying.

Take some of the examples:

The Celtic Tiger in all its glory is certainly playing its part in contributing to the marginalisation and increased poverty being visited on huge numbers of people. Some statistics on the Tigers prowess include:

I think that these figures demonstrate clearly whos mauling who in the land of the Celtic Tiger. Not alone that, but the next time someone tries to convince you that we live in a free and democratic society, ask them if the population of those 48 countries referred to above have freedom on a par with those 3 parasites.

Sean Farrell

This article is from Workers Solidarity No 55 published in October 1998