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Workers Solidarity No 47 Spring 1996

Workers Solidarity No 48 Summer 1996

Workers Solidarity No 49 Autumn 1996


The issues below are from 1996, you can also read the 1997 issues

Workers Solidarity No 47

Spring 1996 Contents


Stuff the Water charges

1995 WILL BE seen as the beginning of the end for the hated double taxation water charges in Dublin and throughout the country. For the first time in almost a decade, the year closed without a single water disconnection for non-payment in the entire country.

For Starters

513 Anarchists arrested in Greece

On November 18th this year after an overnight battle with police and fascist gangs on one side and Greek anarchists on the other riot police stormed Athens Polytechnic and arrested 513 of the 2000 mostly anarchist occupiers.

Anarchist students win in Australian NUS elections

That's Capitalism

Cork Workers Strike Against Low Pay [1996]

Workers at the Early Learning Centre Toy Shop, in Cork, have been on strike since early December. Management at the Cork store, have refused to recognise the workers' union, Mandate, or to negotiate on pay and conditions.


Bans or legalisation?

SINCE THE DAYS of Concerned Parents Against Drugs (CPAD), the growth of the heroin problem in inner-city Dublin has largely gone without comment. In the last few months, two factors have pushed it back into the spotlight - the government's declaration of a 'War on Drugs', and the emergence of the city-wide campaign against heroin which has been set up by Inner City Organisations Network.

Direct Action Against Drugs: Murder & Thuggery

MEN SHOT DEAD, many more beaten up. Attacks in Armagh, Belfast, Derry, Dublin, Dundalk and Kerry. In most cases the reason given was that the people being punished were ecstasy dealers. The murders in the six counties were claimed by Direct Action Against Drugs.

Drug Crisis: Dublin Communities Organise

The heroin epidemic in Dublin is causing major problems for addicts and for the communities where they live. Oddly enough you would not get any inkling of this crisis from the bourgeois press. That is because the epidemic and its effects are confined to the inner city and the working class suburbs like Ballymun, Tallaght, Clondalkin and Blanchardstown.



Travellers March against Shanty Towns

Travellers and their supporters held a protest on December 10th last year. The march was against the Dublin local authorities' policy of herding Travellers into primitive temporary sites and forced removal of Travellers into these officially constructed shanty towns.

A new world in their Hearts: Spain 1936

In the short space of a few years the small peasants and agricultural labourers demonstrated that, far from chaos, anarchism was an efficient, desirable and realisable method of running things. There were unprecedented levels of voluntary collectivisation throughout the land on the anti-fascist side.

Divorce Victory: Clerical Power Weakened

In the past few years, issues concerning the family and the place of women have been at the centre of Irish politics - in part because Catholic church thinking has long dominated these areas of life in Ireland. Things first began to change for the better in the early 1970s when women began to fight back against Church rule.

Irish delegation returns from Mexico

As an Irish delegation visits Mexico to better its knowledge of the struggle there and to express solidarity with the Zapatista EZLN rebels

Review: BAD - The Autobiography of James Carr

From Gangster to revolutionary - This book tells the brutally honest story of a Black American brought up in the ghettos of LA to become, alongside George Jackson, one of the most intransigent prison rebels of that period of the late 60s and early 70s


*** Mikhail Bakunin ***


About Mikhail Bakunin

The anarchist movement throws up many men and women, who become famous because of their actions, ideas and writings. Perhaps the best known of them all was a Russian, Mikhail Bakunin.

Books by and about Bakunin


*** World Anarchist News ***


South African Anarchists Organise

In 1989 one of the first anarchist organisations in modern African history came into existence. This was the Awareness League of Nigeria.Now a further organisation has begun to work for the objective of anarchism in Africa - this is the Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF) of South Africa.

Czech Anarchists battle Fascists

French Workers Take on their bosses

The strike wave that rocked France in the closing month of 1995 is yet another example of the great fighting spirit of the French working class. Yet when we look at the causes of the strike and the relative weakness of French workplace organisation the question that emerges is 'if they can do it, why can't we'?



Uncle Sams Torture Trade

From September 1991-December 1993, the U.S. Commerce Department approved over 350 export licenses, worth more than $27 million, for torture and police equipment

Thinking about Anarchism: Anarchism & Democracy

ANARCHISM is about individual freedom. But it is also about building a society that has a fair system of wealth distribution. For this reason, anarchists consider themselves to be democrats.

Other Irish anarchist papers

Feed the World don't Arm the World

This year alone the British Government will spend £6.3 billion on the procurement of new weaponry. Meanwhile, the US government is set to spend nearly £40 billion in a similar drive.


Workers Solidarity No 48

Summer 1996


Thats capitalism

A reminder of how stupid and cruel capitalism is

*** News from Ireland & WSM ***


For Starters

As well as announcing some new publications we underline our opposition to the anti-Water Charges Campaign standing candidates in elections

Water Charges

Laurence Doran a retired worker has thrown down the gauntlet to the council by refusing to defend himself and court and daring them to cut off his water.

Cork strikers need support

The Early Learning Centre strike continues, what can be done to help it win.

Homeless in Ireland in 1996

How big a problem is hopelessness in Ireland and who is most affected

The hidden history of squatting in Ireland

Twenty years ago a squatting campaign forced the council to house hundreds. Here is how it happened.

Race hate at the Indo

In what has become a familiar pattern the media and Gardai have been setting up Travellers for racist attacks again.

Bombs are no solution

After the end of the IRA cease-fire what sort of politics are needed to bring permanent peace

Northern workers paid less

Workers in northern Ireland are paid less then workers in Britain or the rest of Ireland.

Your job is not worth a lot

... and that's official according to the appeals tribunal

BEWARE ...the Butchers 0f Social Welfare

The welfare state is under attack again in Ireland, we look at the figures and reasons behind this

*** International News ***


News from the land of the Cedars

An article by a Lebanese anarchist on the struggle in Lebanon

Anarchism in Arabic

Daniel Guerins book Anarchism has been published in Arabic but your help is needed with its distribution.

Mexican Anarchism

A report on a recent anarchist conference in Mexico

Bengali workers fight 7-day week

The National Garment Workers Federation which has links with anarcho-syndicalists unions is fighting against a 7 day week.

Revolutionary Veteran speaks at Bulgarian anarchist conference

Report on the 8th Congress of the Bulgarian anarchist federation

Anarchists in Russia's far east

Swedish trade union stays Libertarian

A recent discussion in the SAC saw the union reaffirm its libertarian politics

*** History and Theory ***

Free Women of Spain

The Spanish revolution of 1936 saw the emergence of an anarchist womens organisation with between 20,000 and 35,000 members.

Crime and Punishment

What exactly is crime anyway, who defines it and how is it enforced.

What is Direct Action

Anarchists talk a lot about Direct Action, what does it mean

Anarchisms greatest Hits No 2...Errico Malatesta

An introduction to the life and ideas of Malatesta

The World Bank

The world bank is the mechanism by which the bosses force whole country to tow, the line. How is this done?

*** Reviews ***


I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels

The autobiography of British Anarchist, Albert Meltzer who has died since this review was written.

The Basic Bakunin, writings 1869-1871

An introduction to the work of Michael Bakunin

Workers Solidarity No 49

Autumn 1996

Thats capitalism

In case it's needed more on how stupid and cruel capitalism is

*** News from Ireland & WSM ***

For Starters

We look back at the protest organised against the US warship, the JFK which recently visited Dublin.

Who guards the guards?

In the light of the latest crime scare and the extra powers provided to the police we look at what the state is really up to.

It's still an Orange state

Again this year loyalist parades were forced through nationalist areas destroying any illusions that the British state is neutral in the 6 counties.

Four short articles

On wringing bosses, women workers being ripped off, a rebel union conference and politics in Irish schools.

Strikes increase

The state is pleading with the union leaders to put a lid on the recent increase in strikes. Will the rank and file workers be able to stop this happening.

An Post strike

An interview with a striker during the recent An Post dispute

Early Learning Strike won

After a long and bitter strike the Early Learning Strikes have defeated the bosses in Cork. We report on this victory.

14,000 Join anti-water charges campaign

The anti-water charges campaign is heading for victory with 14,000 paid up members and 83% of households behind in paying the bills or having paid none at all.

*** International News ***

Anarchists raided in Canada

The Canadian state has raided anarchists in Quebec in response to growing social unrest.

Fascists lose USENET vote

Mary Robinson and the UN

Current Irish president Mary Robinson fancies herself as UN president and has recently been talking about the role of the UN. We look at what the UN is really used for.


Veteran British anarchist Albert Meltzer died in May this year

World anarchist news

Four short pieces from Germany, Spain, Belorussia and Poland about anarchist activities in those countries.

Liverpool dockers strike

The Liverpool dockers are now coming up to one year on strike in their heroic struggle against the logic of capitalism.

*** History and Theory ***


Spain 60 years on

The first two weeks of the Spanish Revolution of 1936

The State, Democracy and Anarchism

What do anarchists mean when they say they are against the state and how do we see society functioning without an elite running it on behalf of everyone else.

Emma Goldman

A brief look at the life and writings of Emma Goldman

Against Private Property?

When anarchists say "property is theft" does this mean they are after your tooth brush?

Mary Robinson and the UN

Current Irish president Mary Robinson fancies herself as UN president and has recently been talking about the role of the UN. We look at what the UN is really used for.

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