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Workers Solidarity No 34 Spring 1992

Workers Solidarity No 35 Summer 1992

Workers Solidarity No 36 Autumn1992

Workers Solidarity No 37 Winter 1992

Workers Solidarity No 34

Spring 1992


Anarchism today

Anarchism to-day is growing in all of the Eastern European countries. As it was isolated for some 70 years in the soviet union and 40 years in Eastern Europe it will be a slow and painful process. In the west the anarchist movement grew slowly throughout the 80's and is now in the process of re-examining the anarchist tradition.

New World Order : Same Old Slaughter

The imperialists' victory over Iraq was no surprise given their massive technical and military capacity. What is more interesting is the ready help given them by the "free press". This article focuses on how the media provided a "licence to kill" in the Gulf.

Review:Abortion information is illegal

A well written and informative document, we are brought through the recent history of Women's Rights in Ireland, in particular a woman's right to control her own fertility.

War & Revolution :The Friends of Durruti

The friends of Durutti were setup in 1937 by rank and file members of the CNT and members of CNT columns resisting militarisation. "Towards a fresh revolution" was published in 1938 as "a message of hope and a determination to renew the fight against an internationalism."

Anarchist Organisation

One of the greatest myths that has been fostered about anarchists is that they are disorganised. Since the anarchist movement first emerged in the International Working Mens' Association in the 1870's it has developed many trends.

The bigots won't keep us apart

IT'S BEEN a year of little change up North. Just as the signing of the Anglo-Irish Agreement in 1986 led to a rampage by Loyalist gangs, in the wake of the Brooke talks 36 Catholic civilians were killed in random attacks. Six taxi drivers were killed, singled out as easy targets.

Workers Action is the answer

The killing of the seven building workers in January marks the most bloody episode in an IRA campaign against those who work for the 'security forces', a campaign which has been going on since 1985. There has been a massive wave of condemnation from bishops, politicians and media figures.

In defence of the Truth

One of the most detailed responses to the anarchists critique of Bolshevism was published in the winter issue of International Socialism. Unfortunately the article fails to seriously address the criticisms of Lenin, preferring instead to repeat more sophisticated versions of old slanders and distortions.

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Workers Solidarity No 35

Summer 1992

Abortion: It's every Womans Right to Choose

Anarchists believe that every woman has the right to choose an abortion when faced with a crisis pregnancy irrespective of the reasons for the abortion. At least 4,000 Irish women have abortions in England every year at present.

The story so far

A review of the fight for abortion rights from 1983 to 1992 focusing on events around the X case in 1992

Vote No to Maastricht

"Fortress Europe" seeks to unite the European bosses and workers against the peoples of the rest of the world. Integration means a tightening of immigration controls. The Maastricht treaty in particular covers two other things besides monetary union. It is these that determine how we will vote. These are the questions of European defence and the Protocol.

Equality for some women?

It isn't sexism that holds us in the worse paid jobs but rather the economic reality of the capitalism system. To survive in the market place any company has to be competitive, to maximise profits. In todays society, creches and child-care are a luxury that the profit motive can rarely afford.

The IRA and its armed struggle : A Bloody Long War

Gerry Adams is no longer an MP. The politicians and media pundits are over the moon with joy. In the immediate aftermath we were subjected to a barrage of questions and comments. Will there be an escalation of the armed struggle? Will there be a ceasefire?

The return of the "white man's civilising mission"

What we are seeing is the re-division of the world. The cold war has ended the same way as the 1st and 2nd World Wars, with a furious scramble by the victors for the prizes. Within a decade it is likely that Japan will be threatening world peace, or at least that is what we will be told.

The Bank strike: What went wrong?

BANK WORKERS went back to work on April 27th. After three weeks on strike they voted narrowly to accept a revised offer from the big four banks.

1492 - 1992 Christopher Columbus slaver and thief

THIS YEAR sees the celebrations of the 'discovery' of America in 1492 by Columbus. The celebrations have generated some debate about the rights and wrongs of the events which followed the discovery. In Spain itself, Seville has seen riots as marches protesting at the celebration have been broken up by the police.

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Workers Solidarity No 36

Autumn 1992

For starters

The not very 'natural' oppression of women

In the majority of societies half our species (women) has been held in an inferior position to the other half (men). Why is this the case? The answer to this question should explain two things. It should explain why today with all our equal rights legislation women are still second class citizens, and secondly it should indicate the mechanisms and tactics we have to use to achieve womens' liberation.

Sex, Class and the Queen of England

Violence and discrimination against women are still very real. Large numbers of women want to fight back. Aileen O'Carroll looks at some of the issues. Can women of all classes share a common goal? Should women organise separately? Is there a connection between fighting sexism and fighting capitalism?

Earth summit

The earth Summit took place in Rio last June. In spite of the enormous cost ($123 million) and publicity (8,749 media people.) the final results were restricted to two weak treaties and the agreement of some "principles" on the environment

Anarchism, socialism and freedom

Anarchism views society on the basis of two fundamental pillars. These are the economic nature of society and the manner in which political power is organised. We believe that the economic system under which we presently live must be abolished. We also say that the political institutions of capitalism, which are hierarchical and authoritarian, must go too.

What happened in the An Post dispute

The An Post dispute which ended in June should be seen in the context of a fight against casualisation by a well organised workforce. The resignation of the left from the Outdoor branch committee demonstrates that even at the lowest levels of the union a relatively strong left presence can be muzzled by the rule book.

Review : Terrorizing the Neighbourhood

Terrorizing the Neighbourhood is based around a speech Chomsky made in January of 1990, shortly after the US invasion of Panama. It seeks to map out what US foreign policy meant in the Cold War and what its probable direction will be in future

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Workers Solidarity No 37

Winter 1992

Abortion vote

We are being faced with three separate, and each in their own way highly insulting, referenda. These are on the right to Travel, the right to Information and on the right to Abortion in certain very restricted circumstances. Anarchists will be voting Yes to Travel, Yes to Information and No to the so called '"pro-life"' wording.

Famine in Somalia

THE FAMINE in Somalia has once again focussed attention on the problems of the less developed countries. Much of the response to the crisis is a short term one in the form of food aid. However in order to understand the causes of this and other famines in Africa it is necessary to race back the roots of the problem to colonisation and imperialism.

Crime, Criminals, Punishment an anarchist view

Kropotkin came up with three types of crime. Property related crime, government related crime and crimes against the person. In Britain it has been estimated that 94% of crime is committed against property. However what isn't recorded are those crimes committed for property.

Review: History of the Makhnovist Movement

It may seem strange that the Revolutionary Insurgent Army of the Ukraine is constantly referred to as the "Makhnovists". Anarchists are the last people to engage in blind hero-worship. At its height it had 30,000 volunteer combatants under arms. While all were inspired by anarchist ideas, only a small minority had worked-out anarchist views.

Solutions to the the jobs crisis?

For the past five years the main plan touted to combat unemployment in the 26 counties has been the PESP (Programme for Economic and Social Progress) It involves the unions restricting pay demands and industrial action. This strategy has not worked. Uunemployment has risen. At the same time Ireland's Gross National Product has broken all records.

Fascist terror grows across Europe

Today the fascists are not on the way to taking state power anywhere in the world. However this does not mean that they can be safely ignored. Tapping into widespread discontent, they are providing the leadership and stimulus for growing racist hatred and terror. Should they continue to grow they will pose a major threat to all working class and left-wing organisations.

Election fever

HERE IT COMES, there it goes. Another doling out of our share of "democracy". Where will we put our 'X'. Who do we want to rule us for another five years? The answer for anarchists to this question is easy, nobody.

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