Print out and distribute Workers Solidarity No 64

The PDF file on this page is Workers Solidarity Number 64 laid out especially for distribution via the internet. Anyone with the correct software (see below) can download and print out a fully laid out 8 A4 page version of Workers Solidarity complete with graphics. This is almost identical with the 4 A3 page version printed in Ireland.

Workers Solidarity 64

May/June 2001

PDF issue of WS64

  • It didn't start in Seattle, it won't end in Genoa
  • The fight against the Bin Charges
  • Anarchist organisations meet in Madrid
  • 'Good Friday' - 3 years on has anything changed?
  • Workers have the power
  • Irish women - still having to get the abortion boat
  • Foot and mouth
  • Attempt to curtail protest defeated
  • TRIPS and the WTO - killing millions for massive profits.
  • That's capitalism
  • Ideas and Action
  • CPSU rejects PPF revision
  • Conscription is slavery
  • Letter: Sligo bin tax and Sinn Féin
  • Red & Black Revolution no 5

We invite you not only to print out the PDF file for yourself but to print out extra copies of it for distribution at events or to your friends, fellow students or work mates or simply to leave where others may pick it up. If need be you can recover your photocopying/printing costs by charging for each one. Any profit should be donated to our international solidarity fund.

All we ask in return is that you tell us how many you are printing out and where you are distributing them. This PDF version takes extra time to prepare from the printed version so this feedback is essential to us deciding whether this extra time is worth it. Even if you are only printing out a copy for yourself please tell us as every bit of feedback will encourage us to make future editions also available as PDF files.


To view and print out the file you will need to have Adobe Document Reader on your computer. This is free software that now comes on many computers and with many CD's. If you do not already have it you can download it from the Adobe site. [or click here for a faster text only page]

If you have Adobe Document Reader installed then you can download Workers Solidarity Number 64 by clicking here [or with your mouse click and hold on the link and drag it onto your desktop, then while it is downloading complete the information below]

Please fill in the feedback form below even if you only print out one copy for yourself as we will only continue to make the PDF version available if we are sure it is being used. This is because it takes extra time to prepare. Please feel it in even if you have previously filled in a similar form for other Workers Solidarity publications

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