Elderly evicted from nursing homes as rich get tax amnesties and politicians get bribes

Families of elderly people who can no longer afford to pay for their care in nursing homes are being told to remove them. The average cost of keeping an elderly person in a home has jumped to £400 a week. The contribution paid by the Health Boards is £120. That means that families of people who require professional care have to find £280 each week. This is not possible for most of us.

The result is that elderly people are being told to leave nursing homes when they can no longer continue to pay for their care. The government's Ombudsman ruled six months ago that Health Boards should meet the full cost of care. However the government has not given the Boards sufficient cash and refuses to allow them exceed their annual budgets.

This is happening at a time when rich tax dodgers have been granted their third tax amnesty, when telephone licences were granted on foot of bribes, when politicians have fattened up their bank accounts through corruption, and when massive amounts are to be spent on the Bertie Bowl so that our Taoiseach's ego can swell even further.

The rich are getting richer. Denis O'Brien, Michael Smurfit, Tony O'Reilly and the rest of the multi-millionaires have never had it so good.

A few crumbs are thrown to those of us in work to keep us in 'social partnership' with our bosses. Grossly inadequate health services are forcing more to pay for VHI and BUPA cover, and wage rises are clawed back by the bin tax. After all the sacrifices made during the recession of the 1980s and early 90s it now harder than ever for working people to buy a home.

The old, ill and poor are of little 'economic value'; so they get plenty of grand words from politicians but very little real assistance. It's a sick system. Anarchists strive to win improvements in pay and services but we don't stop there. We want to overthrow capitalism and replace it with society based on satisfying people's needs, guaranteeing liberty, and giving everyone a say in the decisions that effect them.

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This edition is No65 published in July 2001