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"Keep up the good work!" - Lima, Peru

"Durruti is a local hero of this city and I liked very much the article of friends of Durruti. He is not well know internationally but he fought as fiercely as no one. I will visit this site again, I really enjoyed a lot. Please email me with news of the site, we are working in a local newspaper and we can share articles." - Leon, Spain

"My only comment is that the time is here for all of us to unite and start the revolution" - Athens, Greece

"I am trying to contact others like myself who are "newbies" at he anarchist movement " - Australia

"I found your site and most all it's content to be what I believe is accurate. The information made available here is abundant,well thought, and without spin...well, thats my opinion. Thank you for your time and effort which you have put into this site and it's informative nature. It's appreciated by all those watching in shock and awe of the painfully obvious disinformation we are being spoon fed.America's symbalism,name and the dignity of it's founding nature and principals are being raped and pillaged by a bufoon and his puppet master...along with the disgustingly rich and greedy corperate/foreign shadow figures. I am honestly ashamed of my fellow Americans for being so much like the Lemming's we see blindly ramping off cliffs. The state of involvment and scrutiny of those we appoint to public office is horrific. It's almost like some American's amass much money, turn to politics for the simple quest of more money and command of America's power as a world leader. This is not what was intended by our founding fathers and I am sad and afraid for the future of this nation and its generations.Hope I didnt ramble too much for you.Thank you for your time."- Sioux City, IA

"great site. the PDF format is wonderful. More pamphlets would be great though. "- USA east coast

"Ya i think that this site has finally told damn trith aboutr anarchism i hope you keep this site up....i always have arguements with my friends about anarchism and they don't know crap I respect you guys for makeing this site!" - Wrentham MA, USA

"I find the posters and the webside very great." - Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria

"Only thanks for widespreading, on the web, anarchist ideas and interesting news and pamphlets " - Rome, Italy

"Taken together the articles are a very impressive acheievment" - Dublin

"You are doing a great thing for the world. How much easier your sight makes education is beyond any words I might say." - Ojai, California, USA

"This place is cool" - Rochester, NY

" I have printed out a number of your publications including the Organisational platform of the libertarian communist , and , fighting global capitalism . I have placed you in my favourites list your sight is a fantastic plethera of information for Anarchist." - oneonta , new york usa

"This website needs to be made a little more attractive to view in order to encourage people to visit" - Co. Cavan, Ireland

"Thanks for the great updates that you post to Ainfos.ca. Also, I really appreciate detailed articles about the anti-war struggles in Ireland. Keep up the great work." - Chicago, Illinois (USA)

"I thank all who are involved in putting these together and making them available to the general public. It is encouraging to know that such a well written and honest paper is available to the people." - Holland, Michigan U.S.A.

" enjoy the site and publications available, very useful information" - Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada

"I really love that there are like-minded people out there(albeit on the other side of an ocean), which is a great lift to my spirits as I live in the heart of red-blooded america." - emmett, idaho USA

"I really appreciate what you people are doing to help explain true anarchy and what it really stands for." - Gig Harbor/West Coast/United States of America

"If it is sincere I like getting statements directly from the source. American news is so watered down that it is difficult to trust what one hears about the Zapatistas if one hears anything at all. Thankyou for your work that makes this mailing possible. " - Brawley and San Francisco California

" excellent introduction to anarchism, simple and easy to understand. Well done." - Glasgow, Scotland

"As a young socialist, i support what you anarchists are doing here. Keep fighting the power and please contact the leaders of the CPUSA when you decide that you want to have your struggle to be for a purpose." - tucson arizona

"Thank you, sometimes it feels like we are all so very isolated in our truths. Sites like this are so very reasurring." - Taupo, New Zealand

"this is a great site! Thanks and keep up the good work! " - Kansas City, KS

"i commend your energy" - Minneapolis, MN, USA

"I wish all peoples in struggles for justice In this world good luck! " - Binghamton, New York U.S.A.

"good idea to have the basic principles in an understandable, convienient form" - Berkshire, England

"Keep up the good work! It is important to abolish the myths about anarchy (that we're all violent, bomb-crazy, and chaotic). I will most likely be visiting your site again soon. " - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

"Thank you for making this material available " - Nashville Tennessee USA

" Excellent site you have, comrades, a nice add to my favorites. By the way, have you considered sending some of the writings of C.Marcos to Marxists.org, the largest marxist literature-archive in the Internet. I'm sure they'll be pleased." - Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland

" Im A 21 old Mexican - American looking for information about the struggle in South East Mexico. I want to learn the history of the struggle and what i can do to help " - Chicago , Illinois, USA

"Preparing a University course on postmodernism and the Student Revolutions.Thank you --- great to have all this collected in a single document. " - Alabama

"This website is extremely informative. I'm doing research on Chiapas, but it's difficut to find anything about the current situation. This site gives an up-to-date lisitng of articles. " - Guelph, On, Canada

"I'm half irish and half mexican and just started learning about st. patrick's battalion and the like. Thank you for your web site. " - Colorado, USA

"I've been anarchist for about 2 years and havn't even known about it. I'm glad to have found people who feel the same way about the world as i do." - Bowral Australia

"Personally reading your leaflet, not to mention page, is nothing but a breath of fresh air. I was searching for some basic insights, upon the doctrine of anarchism, for a speech which i will be presenting in the near future co-inciding with the topic, when i stumbled upon your sight. i have printed off one, and plan on making about a dosen copies of it. " - port colborne/ ontario

"Thank you so much for the well organized web site!" - Chicago, IL

"Very nice, historically accurate site" - US - Louisville Metro

"I like to return to the traditional ways of doing things, also shows how combination of the best parts of non-native organizational procedures with those traditional ways CAN work " - Ontario, Canada

"I am amazed the commonality between us all that combined with our differences will make this a truly safe world for our children " - Canada

"deep in my heart i need to believe that things can change both in my country, and on my planet. appearently, you are more convinced than i am. thanks " - turkey / ankara

"I think this is a great cause. I'm an anarchist myself, so therefore, I strongly promote this " - New Orleans/Louisiana/United States

"Thanks for making the homework easier"- Toronto Ontario

" I'm using this because I'm studying 'Like Water For Chocolate' by Laura Esquivel, and it may be relevent " - Truro, Cornwall, England

"great, great site" - suburbs of chicago, USA

"I have been intellectusally alone since I discovered Emma Goldman while I was an active Feminist. I surfed the net for other Anarkhist thought, and was thrilled to find you-all."- the Western Reserve, Ohio, U.S.A.

"I am very encouraged to know how many other women are struggling for this fair cause.....you're page is very good and very influential." - california, USA

"You are still the best source for really struggling anarchism. Z-net is for businessmen and respectable intellecttuals. Your's is class struggle!"- Tampere, Finland

"we support the revolution, and are involved in guerilla propaganda. Your issues are in perfect coherince with our beliefs" - Clemson, SC

"I guess If the pdf files well-designed for booklet printing, it will be more effective for us - the copiers - to publish." - Bandung, Indonesia

"good job"- New Haven, CT USA

"I love this site. I have thougth that the dimensions and consecuences of our Civil War have always been understimated by foreigners.Nowadays we are governed by the sons and grandsons of Franco´s ministers and they are exerting a strong influence to erase their tracks from History Why anarchism as an historical reality in Spain have been fogotten in our textbooks?" - Zaragosa, Spain

"I appreciate others who are willing to share their ideas and news of their struggles against capitalism. It fills me with hope that there are those who don't just accept what is and not try to improve life for everyone as a whole. " - Illinois, USA

"this PDF business is awesome" - Istanbul, Turkey

"I am very greatful that you represent Anarchism so positively. I have become extremely frustrated with people representing Anarchy in such a poor fashion - especially fellow teens."- Northern Ontario, Canada

"It is good to find sites like this where anarchism is taken seriously and good information can be found." - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

"i love this page.it has a lot of useful information"- San Diego, California, USA

"I encourage and sympathize your struggle"- Irvine, Californa, USA

"anarchist communist is more than platformism, we'd do well to remember kropotkin, Malatesta, Berkman, Goldman etc" - Eugene, USA

"I appreciate and strongly believe in this movement and am greatful for sites like this that keep us informed" - San Antonio, Texas

"This is the most informative and balanced anarchist site I have yet seen! Keep up the good fight" - Palm Springs, California, USA

"This is a creative use of the web. Thanks for all your posted downloadable documents. I'm availing myself of several." San Pablo, CA

" am researching for a sociology essay on Sectarianism and the northern ireland "troubles" thank you for contributing. " - australia

The comments above come from the reports people have submitted when they have printed out PDF files on this site. You can also leave a comment on the Struggle Bulletin board