Portraits of a "Partnership"

Partnership 2000, the PNR, the PESP and the PCW:
no success story for workers and the unions.

People with a radical perspective on trade unionism, have always argued that the trade union movement has two souls. The first derives from the activities of members to improve their lot and control their unions and is focused on struggles and campaigns not only against employers but also union leaders. The second is the dark soul consisting of the activities of leaders whose only concern is to maintain industrial peace and harmony often at the expense of members.

As this pamphlet shows the national plans of the past decade have reflected the agenda of the dark soul and as such stand as a condemnation of its strategy. Under them little or nothing has been won for workers despite soaring profits and economic growth.



Des Derwin*;

SIPTU Electronics & Engineering Branch.;

Did the Programmes deliver?
- some facts and figures

Mary Muldowney*

SIPTU Education Branch

The state of the unions

Eddie Conlon*;

TUI Dublin Colleges Branch;

Appendix: The case against Partnership 2000


* all in a personal capacity

Published by The Montague Press (Jan 1997)
10 Comyn Place, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.


Special thanks to Andrew Flood, Ray Cunningham, The Garden of Delight, Michael O'Reilly, Dermot Connolly, John Finlay, Alan MacSimion, Bernadette Barrington, Joan Collins, Marnie Holborrow, Gregor Kerr, Terry Kelleher and all at No. 13

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