Hijos del Pueblo/Sons of the People

Hijo del pueblo, te oprimen cadenas
y esa injusticia no puede seguir.
Si tu existencia es un mundo de penas
antes que escalvo prefiero morir.
Esos burgueses, asaz egoistas,
Que asi desprecian a la Humanidad,seran barridos por los anarquistas
al fuerte grito de libertad.
Ah, Rojo pendon
no mas sufrir!
La explotacion,
ha de sucumbir.
Levantate, pueblo leal,
al grito de revolucion social.
no hay que pedir;
solo la union
la podra exigir
Nuestro paves
no romperas.
Torpe burgues.
Atras! Atras!
Los corazones obreros que laten
por nuestra causa, felices seran;
si entusiasmados y unidos combaten,
de la victoria la palma obtendran.
Los proletarios a la burguesia
han de tratarla con altivez,
y combatirla tambien a porfia,
por su malvada estupidez.
Ah! Rojo pendon...

Son of the people, chains oppress you
And this injustice cannot continue.
If your existence is a world of grief
Death is better than being a slave
Those profoundly selfish bourgeoisie,
Who thus tear apart humanity, will be
Swept away by the anarchists
At the strong cry of liberty!
Oh, red banner
No more suffering!
The exploitation
Has to surrender.
Raise yourself up, loyal people,
At the cry of the social revolution.
There is nothing to lose.
Only the union
Will be able to demand it.
Our [paves] (shield??)
You will not break.
Clumsy Bourgeoisie!
Get back! Get back!
The working class hearts that beat
For our cause, will be joyful;
If enthusiastic and united they fight
For the victory, our palms will obtain it.
The proletariats have to treat
The bourgeoisie with pride,
And combat as well as remember
Their wicked stupidity.
Oh! Red banner . . .

Thanks to Patrick Dunn <tb0pwd1@corn.cso.niu.edu>, for the translation. he says

"I tried my hand at translating the song Hijo del pueblo. A couple questions remain (like, for instance, what a "paves" might be, other than, I assume, a singular masculine noun -- both I and the Oxford Spanish Dictionary are stumped on that one!). I took a couple liberties to give it the English idiom, and I immediately bow to the experience and knowledge of any native speaker of Spanish. My mistakes are probably more numerous than my correct translations!

--Patrick Dunn"

Marco Giuras <jsst@zip.com.au> adds to this

Well, I think I know......

PAVES= Escudo Grande = Big Shield or Big Coat of Arms
Source: "Pequeño Larousse Ilustrado" by Miguel Toro y Gisbert, 1970, Editorial Larousse, Montparnasse, Paris

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