Some quotes from 'Blood of Spain'

"Trust no one. In the supreme moments of history, leaders always counsel moderation and discipline. Fascism is the systematised criminality of powerful castes. It can only be overcome by destroying the bases of capitalist society"

Solidaridad Obrera, CNT (Barcelona, 2 June 1936)


Manuel Cruells, young Catalan nationalist about a CNT meal after the victory

"They treated me like a hero - simply because, as a student, I must come from a 'good' family, and yet had taken up arms on their side. It was a moment of great fraternity. From that moment it became a question of making the revolution." (page 68) July 1936


At the Santa Andreu Artillery depot where 30,000 rifles were stored.

"They started taking whatever arms they could lay their hands on. More and more began to arrive from all over the city, in cars, lorries, any form of transport. Everyone was mad to get arms..." (Page 71) July 19th CNT textile worker Andreu Capdevila

"There was total disorder. We formed a commission and thereafter all arms were handed only to revolutionary organisations" (Page 72) "10,000 rifles, I calculate as well as some machine guns, were taken. That was the moment when the people of Barcelona were armed; that was the moment, in consequence, when power fell into the masses hands. We of the CNT hadn't set out to make the revolution but to defend ourselves, to defend the working class. To make the social revolution, which needed to have the whole of the Spanish proletariat behind it , would take another ten years....but it wasn't we who chose the moment; it was forced on us by the military who were making the revolution, who wanted to finish off the CNT once and for all.."


"The Victory belongs to the workers

The mortuaries are full of the corpses of proletarians mown down by the militarist scum...

But there is no minister's nor ex-minister's, no former city councillor's among them. Only proletarian flesh and blood...

Will the ministers and ex-ministers, the collaborators of the treacherous army, try to administer the victory won by the proletariat?

They had better not try. The proletariat is in the streets, arms in hand. The proletariat knows how to retain the conquests if has cost so much blood to win. The CNT will never surrender while an enemy of freedom remains before the proletariat."

Solidaridad Obrera, CNT (Barcelona, 24 July 1936) (p. 105)

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