A las Barricadas

A las Barricadas is probably the song most widely associated with the Spanish Revolution amongst English speaking anarchists, one version of the words is below.

Negras tormentas agitan los aires
nubes oscuras nos impiden ver.
Aunque nos espere el dolor y la muerte
contra el enemigo nos llama el deber.
El bien mas preciado
es la libertad
hay que defenderla
con fe y con valor.
Alza la bandera revolucionaria
que llevara al pueblo a la emancipacion
En pie obrero a la batalla
hay que derrocar a la reaccion
A las Barricadas!
A las Barricadas!
por el triunfo
de la Confederacion.

Source: John Patten
ammendments from NASTYNED@aol.com

Black storms shake the sky
Black clouds blind us
Although death and pain await us
Against the enemy we must go
The most precious good
is freedom
And we have to defend it
With courage and faith
Raise the revolutionary flag
Moving us forward with unstoppable triumph
Working people march onwards to the battle
We have to smash the reaction
To the Barricades
To the Barricades
For the triumph
of the Confederation

Trans: Elsa Barreda & Rachael Voland
< puna_98@yahoo.com>

A las barricadas is also available on 'Songs of Anarchy and Revolution from all over the world' produced by Norwich Solidarity Centre, Room 13, Muspole Workshops, Muspole St, Norwich, NR3 1QD, England. price - four pounds sterling

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