Charity sacks activist

Which prominent charity was responsible for the sacking of a SIPTU member, whose only mistake seems to have been that he was a good union activist?

Mike Jennings, Branch Secretary of the State and Related Agencies Branch revealed at the Dublin No. 2 Region Conference that one of his members had been fitted up by the management of a "prominent Dublin-based charity organisation". When SIPTU pointed out that our member had done his job exactly according to his job description, they were told that the member would be taken to court, the Union would be taken to court, anyone who tried to fight the sacking would be taken to court and they would be cleaned out by damages.

This "charitable" organisation has obviously learnt well the lesson spelled out by the treatment of the arrested brickies - Irish courts are not intended to protect the interests of workers. Jennings reported that the member had decided to resign and get a reference, rather than risk losing everything. There's the confidence instilled by a fighting union!

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