We haven't gone away you know. Our absence coincided with the campaign on a new partnership deal, in fact. We were active in that campaign and joined with others in SIPTU members Against a Partnership Deal.

The acceptance of the Programme for Prosperity and Fairness by an increased majority has not discouraged us from opposing social partnership and working for a fighting and democratic union. On the contrary the result has shown how without change in SIPTU the case against social partnership will always be pushing uphill. The result has emboldened us to continue as at least a voice speaking for the one-third of the members who consistently oppose social partnership or the partnership deals.

The result of the Vice-Presidential election shows that there is a similar consistent (though smaller) constituency of support for Carolann Duggan and the policies (stronger than mere anti-partnership and overlapping with our own) she puts forward.

We learnt recently of a new initiative, New Directions, an "informal network" aiming to turn SIPTU into a fighting union and return the power to the grassroots. Our reactions on the SIPTU Fightback editorial board were similar but our views on how to respond differed. So, after discussion failed to produce an agreed approach, we decided, in the spirit of SIPTU Fightback to run both views in the newsletter.

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