Carolann challenges again

Once, Twice, Three Times ...A Fighter

Readers won't be surprised to learn we're backing Carolann Duggan again; this time for General Secretary. Anyone seeking change in SIPTU can only go for Carolann again this time. The other two candidates are from supports of P2000, the partnership approach and are long associated with the establishment and status quo in the Union.

They are both Regional Secretaries, Brendan Hayes from the No.2 Region (Dublin Public Sector) and John O'Donnell from No. 4 Region (South West). Both received nominations from masses of Branches, a factor that will mean far less when the votes are actually cast.

Carolann was nominated by her own Waterford branch (handsomely) and by the Electronics and Engineering Branch (Dublin). She missed the Education branch by two votes.

Her literature repeats her stand on P2000, recognition, the minimum wage and the 1990 Act. Two new elements are calls for a special conference to debate withdrawal from P2000 and for a national stoppage to ensure a £5 an hour minimum wage is won.

The other two candidates are stressing their administrative abilities and experience for the post of General Secretary. shop-floor representative and political activist also require and acquire considerable administrative skills. Besides, we all know that the women secretaries and administrative assistants really run the union!

As her literature also says 'A big vote for Carolann Duggan will be a signal that this union SIPTU is starting to change.' This time the signs are good that all Carolann's supporters will be working together for the highest possible vote.

Carolann will be holding an Election Campaign Meeting on
Saturday, 14 February 1998 at 12 noon in the Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square, Dublin 1.
All her supporters are invited.

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