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Rossport Solidarity Camp the story so far…

EPA oral hearing- late April.
The environmental protection agency held an oral hearing regarding the granting of an IPPC or integrated pollution prevention and control licence was held for just over two weeks in mid to late April. The oral hearing was held as a response to numerous objections lodged in opposition to the EPA's decision to grant a provisional IPPC licence albeit with almost 60 provisos. During the hearing groups who had lodged objections were entitled to take the stand and outline further why they thought the licences should not be granted. Shell experts were also on the stand to answer questions. The EPA's decision is expected to be announced in several weeks.

Peat Removal- ongoing since April 2.
Shell recommenced work at their refinery site on the 3 October 2006 with the aid of 200 shipped in Gardai the bulk of whom have remained the area to further facilitate Shell operations. On the 2nd April 2007 Shell restarted the removal of peat from the site. Peat has been excavated from the site and dumped at Srahmore peat facility, an area of cutaway bog 10km from Bellanaboy. Since peat removal began several trespasses onsite have shut down work temporarily. On the 13th April a group of women engaged in a trespass , and on the 14th February a group from Dublin Shell to Sea succeeded in shutting down the site for a short while.

The Goldman Prize.
Rossport resident and Rossport 5 member Willie Corduff was one of this years winners of the prestigious Goldman Prize for environmental achievement. The prize, which Willie won on behalf of the community has been described as the environmental Nobel prize. Willie and his wife Mary travelled to San Francisco to receive the prize where they met dignitaries and spoke to the international press about Shell's plans for Mayo.

Shell 100 year AGM, 15 May, den Hague
Five Shell to Sea activist, two from the Solidarity camp and three Erris residents travelled to the Hague for this years centenary Shell AGM. The campaigners holding one share apiece were able to gain access to the AGM where they addressed the board of directors and Shell shareholders posing some serious questions about the Corrib project. Solidarity camper Bob Kavanagh was able to speak personally with Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer outside the venue just before the AGM began where he outlined the issues with Corrib and invited the Dutch CEO to visit Erris. Campaigns attending the AGM also met with Dutch Socialist Party MP Krista van Velzen, who voiced her support for the campaign. Contacts were made with Dutch activists and plans have been laid for a speaking tour of Holland after the G8.

Campaigners ongoing assault trial
The trial of three local Shell to Sea campaigners were charged with assault of a Garda commenced on Monday 21th May. The campaigners, local fisherman Pat O'Donnell, his son and another young man were accused of pushing a Garda into a drain on a protest that took place on the 12th October last. The three received strong support from Shell to Sea campaigners in court and the trial continues on the 30th May in Belmullet district court.

Good news from the courts, 16th April ruling
The ongoing court case yielded some victories to the campaign in a ruling on the 16th April last. The ongoing case pertains to the validity of the injunction that sent the Rossport 5 to prison in June 2005. In the April ruling the stance of the Rossport Five and Brid McGarry was legally vindicated. The compulsory acquisition orders on which Shell based their injection were deemed to be invalid rendering the original pipeline route through Rossport defunct. The judge also ruled that Shell will have to pay the €1 million legal costs, including those of the Rossport landowners.

Ongoing concerns over pollution of drinking water.
Concerns over the ongoing pollution of the local drinking water source and special area of conservation Carrowmore Lake with Aluminium run off from the refinery site reached a peak in March with protesters embarking on a vigorous campaign for answers as to the excessive Al levels. Concerns were also raised about discoloured scum and diesel contaminated water leeching from the refinery site. Protesters engaged in several ad hoc inspections of the refinery site to seek answers. Concerns continue.,,,

The pipeline route or lack thereof
The upstream raw gas pipeline, which is planned to transport gas from the landfall to the inland refinery, still lacks a route. In the aftermath of the Cassell's report Shell voiced its intention to reroute the pipeline in response to community fears over proximity to housing. They said that the new pipeline route would be chosen in consultation with the community. A company called rural planning services has been contracted by Shell to find the pipeline route. Consultation has been criticised as too little to late by community activists who also highlighted the narrow frame of reference it will have.


The fight continues be part of it.

For older reports see History of the Rossport Solidarity Camp