Kate Bamidele:

Don't let them send her to her death

Kate Bamidele is in immediate danger of being deported to her death. If the government sends her back to Nigeria, she faces the prospect of being stoned to death. She needs your support to change the government's mind and allow her to stay in Ireland.

Kate comes from northern Nigeria, where Shari'a law is in force. Although often referred to as 'Islamic law', most of the world's Muslims do not support the imposition of Shari'a at all. It dictates very strict rules and punishments, especially against women. Kate has three children aged between 4 and 8 from a relationship with a Christian man. In August 2002, four Shari'a policemen arrested her for having sex outside marriage, and a judge in a Shari'a court sentenced her to death by stoning. A few weeks before the stoning was to be carried out, she managed to escape from prison. Eventually a priest helped her to hide, and she managed to get out of the country and reach Ireland.

Despite all this, Kate's application for asylum in Ireland has been turned down. It is likely that she is due to be part of a mass deportation planned by the government for Thursday 12 August. The Minister for Justice Michael McDowell still has the power to allow her to stay in Ireland on humanitarian grounds. If the deportation goes ahead, she is in serious danger of being stoned to death. Kate Bamidele needs your support.

Demonstrate to save Kate's life:

Progressive Democrats office

25 South Frederick Street, central Dublin

12.30 pm, Thursday 12 August

Call on Michael McDowell to let Kate stay:


24-hour helpline: 087 6662060 or 087 7974622

c/o 12A Brunswick Place, Dublin 2 residentsagainstracism@eircom.net

To Residents against Racism