a Workers Solidarity Movement policy statement

International Perspectives

1. Anarchists believe the only way for a revolution to survive is to push it as far as possible. This means not just within the geographical location the revolution started in but internationally as well. An isolated revolution will eventually degenerate both economically due to isolation and politically. The idea of socialism in one country as applied to Ireland would be laughable.

2. At a moment we have and will continue to maintain paper exchanges with class struggle anarchists groups around the world. this is a good point to start from but it is not enough.

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3. We aim to form an anarchist international of organisations that hold the same political positions as ourselves. An international where resources can be freely transferred between the constituent organisations. This is a major task but it is vital to making an international revolution.

4. We will develop the ability to translate the material of the non-English speaking anarchists and to translate our own material into a wide range of languages. This will involve funding and encouraging members to learn additional languages.

5. We will develop exchange programs with like minded groups so members of each organisation can be hosted for brief periods of time by the other. This will not only aid the development of language skills but will also improve the contact between groups.

6. We will seek to involve other anarchist groups internationally in debates about key areas of our politics. In particular these are the need for theoretical and tactical unity, imperialism and trade unions.

7. As a first step we will set about encouraging and if necessary initiating the founding of a similar group in Britain. At a minimum this will involve attempting to engage existing contacts in dialogue, attending major demonstrations and major anarchist events in London and encouraging contacts and members who emigrate to network. As we grow this minimum will be aggressively expanded on.

8. Modern technology has greatly increased the ease of international communication. In particular as long as we have access to electronic mail we shall produce electronic versions of all our publications and give these the maximum possible distribution. We shall also participate in progressive newsgroups and mailing lists and use these to argue key anarchist politics. When possible we shall set up and administer a 'platformism' mailing and debating list.

9. We will maintain contact with all members who emigrate and encourage them to keep in contact for us. Emigrant members may choose to become supporters whereby they receive a bulletin of activities regularly in return for a contribution of £10 a month employed, £5 unemployed. Such people may also be asked to attend as WSM observers to conferences etc. at the behest of National committee.

10. As we grow we will set up working groups on each country that has an organisation we are in contact with. These groups will be responsible for co-ordinating activity directed at these groups, translating their material and preparing regular reports for conferences and IB's. The international secretary will co-ordinate such work.

11. We will maintain an international solidarity fund to aid anarchist and libertarian communist groups in '3rd world' countries. It will be funded from 5% of members subs, 25% of publication profits and fund-raising activities. Donations shall be decided on by National committee.

Agreed, December 4th, 1994

This paper is out of date - see the new WSM site for the more recent version