Individual figures in Anarchist history

The Bakunin Index

Collection of articles by Bakunin and articles about Bakunin

Michael Bakunin

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Louise Michel

Louise Michel was a French anarchist women who fought in the Paris commune and after escaping the death penalty spent the rest of her live in the anarchist movement.

Errico Malatesta

An introduction to the life and ideas of Malatesta

The Life and Times of Malatesta

For nearly sixty years, Malatesta was active in the anarchist movement as an agitator and as a propagandist. He was one of the movements most respected members as well as remaining to the end one of its most controversial. He was active in many parts of the world, as well as the editor of a number of Italian anarchist journals including the daily Umanita Nova (1920-22)


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Buenaventura Durruti

A short biography of the anarchist militant killed in the first months of the Spanish revolution



Who was Zapata

The name of the EZLN rebels is inspired by the great Emiliano Zapata who played a very important role in the Mexican Revolution {1910-1921}


Ricardo Flores Magon

Ricardo Magon

Inside modern Mexico the name of Ricardo Flores Magon is well known, and is regarded in a somewhat similar way to that of James Connolly in Ireland. But outside Mexico few have heard of him.

"The dreamer is the designer of tomorrow.

The practical man, the sensible, cold head, can laugh at the dreamer; they do not know that he, the dreamer, is the true dymanic force that pushes the world forward.

Suppress the dreamer, and the world will deteriorate towards barbarism. Despised, impoverished, the dreamer opens the way for his race, sowing, sowing, sowing the seeds which will be harvested, not by him, but by the practical men, the sensible, cold heads of tomorrow, who will laugh at the sight of another indefatigable dreamer seeding, seeding, seeding."

-- Ricardo Flores Magon, June 28, 1921

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Alexander Berkman
US anarchist who wrote 'Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist' and the 'ABC of Anarchism'

Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman

A brief look at the life and writings of Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman

What initially drew Goldman to anarchism was the outcry that followed the Haymarket Square tragedy in 1886 in Chicago. Emma Goldman had followed the event intensely and on the day of the hanging she decided to become a revolutionary.

Oscar Wilde's socialism

Oscar Wilde was also inspired by politics. He was not blind to the obvious early failings of modern day society. The poverty he wrote about over a century ago, in 'The soul of man under Socialism', exists on the streets of Dublin today.

Oscar Wilde


Captain Jack White

Captain Jack Whie fought in the British army during the Boer war, organised the first workers militia in Ireland during the 1913 lockout and went on to become an anarchist and fight alongside the CNT in Spain

Obituary : George Woodcock

GEORGE WOODCOCK, author of two well known and widely available books on anarchism - Anarchism and The Anarchist Reader - has died, aged 82.

Review: Anarchism and anarchists by George Woodcock

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Obituary...Daniel Guerin

Daniel Guerin was one of France's best revolutionary activists and thinkers, he was best known in Ireland as the author of books such as Fascism and Big Business, 100 Years of Labour in the USA and Anarchism.

Obituary:Leah Feldman

LEAH FELDMAN, who was cremated in London on January 7th 1993, was one of the ordinary men and women who rarely get into history books but have been the backbone of the anarchist movement


Obituary: Albert Meltzer

Veteran British anarchist Albert Meltzer died in May this year

I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels

The autobiography of British Anarchist, Albert Meltzer


Obituary...Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes died in 1997 at just 18 years old. Adam gave a great deal to the anarchist movement in his two or so years of membership


Obituary...Robert Lynn

Robert Lynn died recently. His death is a great blow for the Scottish anarchist movement which has lost one of its oldest activists

John McGuffin
John died in April 2002, he was perhaps most well known for providing the single anarchist element within the People's Democracy group of the sixties and carrying an anarchist banner (himself), on the Burntollet civil rights march


And these two are still with us

Review:Chomsky's Politics

Review : Terrorizing the Neighbourhood

Chomsky on Anarchism

Noam Chomsky is widely known for his critique of U.S. foreign policy, and for his work as a linguist. In a special interview with Red and Black Revolution, Chomsky gives his views on anarchism and marxism, and the prospects for socialism now.



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