What can be done internationally to help the struggle in Chiapas

La Jornada interview with Marcos, Nov. 98 : -
"They say you have turned Chiapas into the ultimate revolutionary tourism center for the millenium."

"That bothers them a lot, but it has prevented the zapatistas from being turned into a fundamentalist movement, ethnic, of indigenous against ladinos. When the companeros from the communities meet with other people, white, red, black or yellow, and they realize they can be companeros or brothers and not enemies, that skin has nothing to do with scheming, that the color white is not the color of a son of a bitch who only comes to screw you, but rather he recognizes in him another person with whom he can talk, and who he can help, then that has an effect."

Pictures and texts about the Irish Peace Camp at Diez de Abril

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