Declaration of the Zapatista Front of National Liberation (FZLN) concerning Mumia Abu-Jamal's sentence

Zapatista Front of International Liberation
International Committee

What sense does it make to kill in order to prove that killing is wrong?

What sense does it make to try to settle one inhuman act with another? But when, in addition, when they blame and try to "legally assassinate" an innocent man, for the mere fact of his having been born black, for being honorable, because the elections in the State of Pennsylvania require their quota of blood - what sense is there in what is hypocritically called justice in the States?

Our companero and brother Mumia Abu-Jamal, known for his criticism of violence and racism, is denied the possibility of a new trial, which would allow him the possibility to demonstarte what, day after day, for 16 years, has become more and more evident: his lack of guilt.

This denigration is not because it is believed that the evidence against Mumia is conclusive; it is because, in reality, of his opinions and his political behavior; the country which has the saisfaciton of judging and sanctioning other nations for human rights violations, once again seeks to apply the most despicable brutality to which human beings can resort: the death penalty, to punish someone they consider different, someone who struggles for a more just society.

We call on the civil society of the State of Pennsylvania, on civil society of the United States, on civil society of the entire world, to reject this barbarism; we call on the good men and women who inhabit this earth to stop the execution of Mumia. Because if Mumia Abu-Jamal dies, human dignity will once more be defeated. We will not allow it!, companeros and brothers.

We demand justice from the Governor of Pennsylvania and the United States legal system! The world is watching them. They have a new opportunity to demonstrate that justice can prevail. Would that they make use of this opportunity, and go down in history as good men, and not as assassins.

Abolish the death penalty!

Liberty for Mumia Abu-Jamal, now!

Javier Elorriaga, of the National Coordinating Committee of the FZLN
Maria and Ulises Martinez of the International Committee of the FZLN

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