Justice for Mark Barnsley -

  MARK MOVED TO HMP FRANKLAND. On 13th of September 2000, Mark Barnsley was transferred to HMP Frankland. Mark is currently amongst the general prison population (not in segregation) at HMP Frankland and is now much closer to his family and friends in the North of England. For those of you unfamiliar with Mark's recent treatment in prison; in April this year Mark was beaten up by screws, along with 6 other prisoners while at HMP Long Lartin and charged with 'barricading a cell' (see previous bulletins for details). After being unlawfully segregated and then 'ghosted' (regularly moved from prison to prison) for nearly 5 months he was briefly moved to Wakefield prison early in September where an 'adjudication' (internal Prison Service 'kangaroo court') was held over the incident. The governor of Long Lartin was present at all of the prisoners' adjudications. Long Lartin screws blatantly lied about what had happened and Mark was subsequently found guilty of 'barricading a cell door'. The result being that he will spend an extra 3 weeks in prison through lost remission. In their eagerness to rush this process through, HMP Long Lartin have acted unlawfully throughout, withholding evidence (including CCTV video footage of the incident) from the prisoners' lawyers which would show clearly that Mark and the other prisoners were in fact locked in a cell and then beaten by screws. Whilst at Wakefield Mark was refused legal assistance and advice, refused access to law books and access to a current copy of the Prison Discipline Manual, refused an adjournment pending judicial review, refused witnesses and denied legal phone-calls. In the long term though we are confident that this guilty verdict will be overturned and the widespread brutality and systematic ill-treatment of prisoners at Long Lartin exposed. Mark and the Justice for Mark Barnsley Campaign would like to thank everyone who responded to our call for support over the last months. Your letters, faxes, e-mails and phone calls to government and prison officials over Mark's ill-treatment have certainly sent a clear message that this won't go unchallenged.   COMEDIAN MARK THOMAS JOINS THE CAMPAIGN TO FREE MARK BARNSLEY. "Mark Barnsley is an innocent man serving 12 years in prison for crimes he didn't commit. This would normally be seen as a miscarriage of justice but it is doubly so in Mark's case as he was the victim of the crimes he was charged with. Like many innocent people in prison, and there are many, Mark has been denied justice. After he was attacked by a group of drunken students the police arrested Mark. Ask yourself would a man out with a friend and his baby attack 15 odd drunken students ? Ask yourself would you think it a fair trial if the judge refused to allow evidence, that proved some of the students had committed perjury, to be presented in front of the jury? Ask yourself if the victim of an attack is the person to put on trial? Ask yourself why Mark got 12 years for supposedly wounding his attackers and yet other far greater crimes receive shorter sentences? The police, the students, the local press and the judge by their actions have entered into a conspiracy to deprive an innocent man of his freedom. Mark's crime is to be a local activist and working class. To the judge and the police the attack on Mark meant they could get rid of someone they saw as undesirable. The actions of the state have made Mark Barnsley a political prisoner. I support the campaign to free Mark Barnsley." Mark Thomas.   MOJO Benefit Gig ñ London 21st December Weíve heard that there is to be a benefit gig for the Miscarriages of Justice Organisation (founded by Paddy Hill)in London. The line-up will include: Asian Dub Foundation, Mark Thomas and Rob Newman. These are all the details we have at the moment but we can say that The Justice for Mark Barnsley Campaign will be there. We suggest you check the local Press for more details.  

The Next Time You're Strip-Searched, Insulted, Humiliated, Threatened, Assaulted

In a prominent place in every British prison you will see a sign which bears 
the following legend:
   "Her Majestiesí Prison Service serves the public by keeping in custody 
those committed by the courts. Our duty is to look after them with humanity 
and to help them live law abiding and useful lives in custody and after 
   So remember fellow hostages, the next time you're strip-searched, 
insulted, humiliated, threatened, assaulted, transported around the country 
in a tiny steel box, made to urinate in a plastic cup, forced to eat in a 
toilet, or locked in a cell for 23 & a half hours out of 24, you're being 
treated with 'humanity'.
   There's so much humanity here at HMP Parkhurst, that those visitors who 
are able to successfully negotiate the nefarious visits booking system, and 
actually manage to get here, make it through the numerous searches and 
humiliations, and into the visiting area, may if they so wish, and have an 
open visit, kiss the prisoner they're visiting for 6 whole seconds! Though 
they should be warned that if this is misinterpreted by the over zealous 
custodians of humanity they may be attacked, throttled, assaulted, arrested, 
strip-searched, and/or ejected. All presumably with what the Prison service 
obscenely calls humanity. The only humanity that exists in these places is 
that which prisoners manage to keep alive in their hearts, the humanity that 
refuses to be crushed by a system that is anything but humane. As with most 
of the proclamations of the British Prison service, their mission statement 
is utter bilge.
   Officially, the Prison Services attitude to miscarriages of justice is an 
entirely impartial one, they simply exist to keep those of us committed to 
prison by the courts, rightly or wrongly, in lawful custody. But as every 
victim of a miscarriage of justice well knows, any supposed impartiality by 
the Prison Service on this issue is as much a falsification as the myth of 
their vaunted humanity. In reality, those protesting miscarriages of justice 
are regarded as subversive (which is fair enough in my case), they are 
consistently victimised, and every possible effort is made to interfere with 
their lawful right to contest their convictions.
   In my own case the victimisation started even before the cops had 
finished fitting me up. While I was still on remand, and on the very day 
that I was due to be visited by my barrister, and shortly thereafter by 
medical and forensic experts. I was ghosted out of Doncaster Prison to 
Lincoln Prison. Prior to my being moved I managed to get word to my 
solicitor, who faxed the prison saying that any transfer would have a highly 
detrimental effect on the preparation of my defence, but the fax was 
ignored. In terms of my defence the transfer was devastating, my 
London-based barrister refused to visit me altogether at Lincoln, as did the 
forensic experts, other reports were substantially delayed, visits from my 
solicitor were fewer, and of course things were made much more difficult for 
my family. Also, prior to the ghosting, evidence was stolen from my cell at 
Doncaster (along with a substantial amount of personal property.)
   The above was only a foretaste of what was to come after my wrongful 
conviction. At HMP Full Sutton, for example, legal files contained on 
computer disk were destroyed on more than one occasion by Security. My legal 
papers have frequently been ransacked and damaged, documents have been 
stolen, and they have been withheld from me for periods of weeks or months. 
Not only has legal mail been opened (contrary to Prison Rule 39) but it has 
been delayed, withheld, or simply disappeared altogether. And of course all 
legal phone calls are unlawfully monitored.
   In terms of my campaign, the Prison Service have done everything possible 
to prevent me fighting my miscarriage of justice. At HMP Full Sutton, HMP 
Long Lartin and HMP Cardiff, there has been a massive amount of interference 
with both incoming and outgoing mail. At Full Sutton, I was forbidden to 
write anything for publication on my case, an act which is in direct 
contravention of Prison Standing Order (5b). At Long Lartin, all incoming 
campaign material was simply stolen, even when it was sent by 'recorded 
delivery'. At Cardiff there was a systematic attempt to prevent me 
communicating with my campaign, my MP, MOJUK, and with journalists 
investigating my case.
   In this year alone I have been ghosted 4 times so far, to prisons which 
are ever less accessible to my family, solicitor, and in the case of HMP 
Parkhurst to just about everyone. I had barely got off the Category A van 
when I was being quizzed about my campaign. My legal papers have been 
withheld from me for more than 3 months, making it impossible for me to work 
on my case. These are just a few brief personal examples, but I know that 
many other miscarriage of justice victims have suffered similarly at the 
hands of the supposedly impartial Prison Service.
   Something that certainly affects every one us is the so-called incentives 
and earned privileges scheme, which specifically discriminates against those 
who continue to protest their innocence. Because we are appellant, we are 
entitled to less visits, less private cash, and are penalised in a whole 
number of other ways. Parole is another obvious area where miscarriages of 
justice victims are discriminated against. Such is the system that most of 
us will spend longer in prison than if we were guilty.
   Nobody should harbour any illusions that the Prison Service, as an arm of 
the State, is in any way fair or impartial. It is just as much a part of the 
crooked system as the cops, Crown Prosecution Service, and judges, and will 
use every dirty trick in the book to deny us justice in just the same way as 
its co-conspirators. We are hostages of the class war, and we should expect 
no favours from the hired lackeys of the opposing side. What we should be 
able to expect though, is at least some level of honesty, and not to have 
our intelligence insulted by ridiculous mission statements which fly in the 
face of all the evidence, and have about as much moral integrity as the 
notorious sign over the gates of Auschwitz proclaiming 'Arbeit Macht Frei' 
(Work will make you free) which I suspect Jack Straw may introduce before 
too long. And no doubt all in the interests of humanity.
       Mark Barnsley, Thursday 10th August, 2000. Written whilst at HMP 
If you wrote to Mark at HMP Parkhurst and didn't get a reply.
This is due to HMP Parkhurst delaying the forwarding of Mark's mail since 
his transfer (early September). Mark always replies to letters. So if you 
wrote to him some time ago and haven't received a reply, please inform Mark 
or the campaign.
Things you can send in to HMP Frankland by post.
Recently a number of people have asked what can be posted in to Mark. Rules 
vary from prison to prison, but we know that at HMP Frankland Mark can 
receive the following:
Envelopes, postage stamps and stamped envelopes ñ yes / A4 writing pads - 
yes (best sent one at a time)/ Pamphlets ñ yes/ Magazines and Newspapers - 
Political magazines can be sent by the publisher but usually get in ok if 
sent by individuals./Commercial magazines must be sent by the publisher or 
from a newsagents/have a newsagents stamp./Books - Can be sent by the 
publisher, preferably one at a time./Home Recorded Cassettes - Can be sent 
by individuals one at a time. They must be ësee throughí and have a voice 
message recorded on them at the beginning. Headed note paper, Clothing, 
spectacle frames, pocket diaries, photos, calendars, posters- yes, all can 
be sent in by individuals.
If youíre thinking of sending any of the above to Mark. Besides stamps, 
stationary and reading material, Itís probably best to ask him first what he 
actually needs the most.
The Word Is Out.
Whilst there's still no news yet regarding Mark's apllication to the CCRC, 
we've recently seen a welcome increase in the amount of public support and 
interest in Mark's case. We'd like to thank all the people who've recently 
helped publicise the campaign in some way, whether it be through the 
numerous articles in publications, web sites, handing out leaflets, speaking 
at events, writing to newspapers or simply discussing Mark's case with 
friends. Your continued support is crucial and makes it all the more 
difficult for the state to bury Mark in prison and sweep this miscarriage of 
justice under the carpet.
   The following is a partial list of the publications which have recently 
published articles about Mark's case: Private Eye (October 6th), FRFI, 
Morning Star, Tribune, Direct Action, Pulped, Inside Times, MOJUK bulletin, 
Schnews, Think Globally Act Locally, Class War, London Calling, Resistance, 
Counter Info, Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library, Bread & Roses, The 
Mailout, Socialist Worker, Labour net, Perry pages, Entfesselt (Austria), 
Slogan (Romania), PPWC Update(USA), Pagine In Rivolta (Italy), ABC Bulletin 
Upcoming Campaign Events
LONDON - For further details phone Nick: 0208 9619808
Campaign Supporters' Meeting - 8pm - Wednesday - 22nd November, 2000.
At: The Lucas Arms - Kingscross, London.
Recently supporters in London have been busy publicising Mark's case there.  
Activities include a 'launch' of the new pamphlet 'Beaten Up, Fitted Up, 
Locked Up..' at a bookshop in August, with Paddy Hill of MOJO (Miscarriages 
of Justice Organisation) as guest speaker. Later, on October 14th, 
supporters took part in the National Civil Rights demo, handing out leaflets 
about Mark's case. The campaign will be going along to support Eddie 
Gilfoyle in December as well (see below). The next event is to be a meeting 
for all supporters in London to get together and discuss further campaign 
activities in the London area.
SHEFFIELD/SOUTH YORKS. - For further details phone: 07944 522001
Fortnightly Campaign Supporters' Meetings - (Sunday's) 3pm start.
November 12th & 26th, December 10th...
At: The Dog & Partridge - Trippet Lane, Sheffield.
We urge all supporters in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area to come 
along and get involved with local campaign activities. The more we get 
organised the more we can achieve.
Campaign Info. Stalls - After our successful street stalls in Sheffield 
during the summer, we plan to continue with them (weather permitting). They 
will take place on each Saturday before the campaign supporters meetings 
(first stall 11th November). We are also keen to hold stalls at other public 
events in the area, so if you're putting on a gig for example why not invite 
us along. To make these stalls a success we need as many volunteers as 
possible to help.
Demand Justice for Eddie Gilfoyle ! - 9.30am - December 7th - At the Appeal 
Courts, London.
At long last Eddies' case, one of the most outrageous miscarriages of 
justice in recent years, is to go before the Court of Appeal on Thursday 
Dec. 7th. This is Eddies' last bid for freedom so it's crucial that as many 
people as possible come and show solidarity outside the courts (on The 
Strand) on the first day. As always, other campaigns are welcomed. A coach 
is going down from Merseyside for the day. To book your place on this or for 
more details contact Eddies' Campaign: Phone Sue: 0151 6786528 or E-mail: 
When ordering the following, please send either cash or preferably a 
Cheque/Postal Order (payable only to: 'JUSTICE FOR MARK BARNSLEY').
Please send all orders & inquiries to:
Justice for Mark Barnsley - PO BOX 381, Huddersfield, HD1 3XX.
Black print (designed by Clifford Harper) on quality cotton T-shirts.
(In case we run out of a colour please state alternatives)
T-shirts cost: £6 each (post. paid) in U.K. & Europe: £7 each (post. paid) 
outside Europe.
We also have badges of the same design.
These are 50p each or 3 for £1 (post. paid).
We have various updated leaflets available covering all aspects of Mark's 
case. We can send bundles of these for you to hand out at events etc. or 
'original copies' for you to print your own. Help towards postage costs is 
appreciated. These leaflets include:
'The Truth About The Pomona Incident' - A general introduction to Mark's 
case based on the facts.
'The Star -Telling Lies About The Pomona Incident' - Exposes the lies 
printed in the local media, especially the Sheffield Star ënewspaperí.
'Mark Joins The Queue of Hope for the CCRC' - An outline of Mark's 
application for appeal.
'Ideas for Action'- Suggestions on ways you can get involved and help the 
'Sheffield CPS & The Withheld Evidence' & 'Jane Leathborough - 2000 Days 
£2 each - Order your copy now - they're going fast!
All the shocking facts about Mark's case and the Pomona Incident in one 
booklet: The case for the Defence, extensive quotes from the evidence, the 
Judges 'Summing Up', Sheffield CPS and the withheld evidence, untruths 
exposed in the local media & the growing campaign to free Mark. Get informed 
and then get involved!
We now have a variety of very smart stickers to help publicise the campaign. 
Send a donation for a bundle and take the message to the streets!
Our new address is: PO BOX 381, HUDDERSFIELD, HD13XX.  Any Mail Sent to old 
Leeds address (145-9 Cardigan RoadÖ)will still reach us, but please remember 
to change these details on your mailing lists, web sites etc. to those 
below. Thanks.
Write to: Justice for Mark Barnsley - PO Box 381, Huddersfield, HD13XX.
Justice for Mark Barnsley (Ireland) - PO Box 1290, Belfast, BT12 7BW.
Tel: 07944 522001  E-mail: barnsleycampaign@hotmail.com
Visit the NEW web site at: www.appleonline.net/markbarnsley/mark.html
Write to Mark directly at his new address:
Mark Barnsley WA2897- HMP Frankland, Brasside, Durham, DH1 5YD, England.


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