Mark Barnsley campaign bulletin Sept 2000

Mark Barnsley's new address is: Mark Barnsley WA2897, HMP FRANKLAND, BRASSIDE, DURHAM, DH1 5YD, ENGLAND. He is currently amongst the general prison population (not in segregation). Durham is in the North of England.

For those of you unfamiliar with previous bulletins,in April this year Mark was beaten up, along with 6 other prisoners while at Long Lartin and charged with 'barricading a cell'.

After being moved from prison to prison for nearly 5 months he was briefly moved to Wakefield last week where an adjudication (kagaroo court) was held over the incident. Long Lartin screws blatantly lied about what had happened and Mark was subsequently found guilty of 'barricading a cell door'. The result being that he will spend an extra 3 weeks in prison through lost remission.

In their eagerness to rush this process through, HMP Long Lartin have acted unlawfully throughout, withholding evidence from the prisoners' lawyers which would show clearly that Mark and the other prisoners were in fact locked in a cell and then beaten by screws. In the long term we are confident that this guilty verdict will be overturned and the widespread brutality and systematic ill-treatment of prisoners at Long Lartin exposed.

Mark and the campaign would like to thank everyone who has responded to our call for support over the last months. Your letters, faxes, e-mails and phone calls to government and prison officials over Mark's ill-treatment have certainly sent a clear message that this kind of shit won't go unchallenged.

Justice for Mark Barnsley Campaign


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