On the 8th of December Mark Barnsley was invited to apply for parole for the second year running. Once more, Mark rejected the offer. As he has stated previously: "I am an innocent man and freedom is my right, I am not prepared to compromise myself by submitting to any form of conditional release. If that means spending extra years incarcerated in top security prisons, then it is a price I am prepared to pay, albiet regretably. My life has been completely destroyed by the terrible injustice that I have suffered, all that I have left are my principles and integrity, and I am not prepared to compromise them by bending my knee to the parole board."


Below is an anonymous statement recently received by the campaign.

"Today (Tuesday, 19 Dec 2000), approximately 20 people entered the Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) offices in Sheffield in protest at the continued imprisonment of Sheffield man Mark Barnsley, and the withholding of vital evidence from his defence.

Entrance was gained easily by some smartly dressed people, and then everyone else ran inside and up stairs to the upper offices. The invasion and occupation caused a major disturbance and CPS workers were left with no uncertainty about the strength of feeling about this miscarriage of justice. Leaflets were given to all the staff stating: "The CPS have framed Mark Barnsley...they would like to think that he doesn't exist, but we won't forget... if they won't release the evidence then we will just go look for it ourselves". Unfortunately the police station is next door to the CPS building, and the police arrived very quickly and people were ejected from the building. A banner proclaiming "Free Mark Barnsley" was hung from trees right outside the building so passers-by knew what was going on. Local press were in attendance.

In total 16 people were arrested, as some managed to get away. They were held for up to 10 hours and all charged with "conspiracy to burgle, with intent". They have been bailed to appear at Hull Magistrates (they cannot be prosecuted by Sheffield CPS!) on 9th January for what could be an interesting court case where all the CPS dirty laundry about all the evidence they have been withholding in Marks case could be aired in public!

Mark Barnsley has been framed for a crime he did not commit, and has been wrongly sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. He was framed because he was a well known working class political activist. For more information on his case please look at the website: An excellent pamphlet about his case entitled "Beaten Up, Fitted Up, Locked Up" is available for £2 from PO Box 381, Huddersfield, HD1 3XX. This details all about the way that the CPS and police framed him, and the evidence that has been hidden for years.

Please, find out more about this campaign, and get involved in the fight to free him."

Whilst we dont have any more details about this latest action, we would like to add that you can help by sending letters and e-mails to British Home Secretary, Jack Straw expressing your support for Marks struggle for justice and demanding that he personally see to it that Sheffield Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) hand over to Marks lawyers the large quantity of evidence which they have been unlawfully withholding since 1994. Please write to:

Jack Straw Home Secretary
50 Queen Annes Gate
London, SW1H 9AT

Please also write to your local newspapers to inform readers about Marks fight for justice. Check out the campaign web site for further information and ways you can help.

A big thanks for your continued support and all the best for the new year.