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Mark Barnsley is a working class writer and father of 3, from Sheffield in the North of England. On June 8th 1994, while out with his baby daughter and a family friend, Mark was attacked by a gang of drunken students in broad daylight outside Sheffield pub, 'The Pomona'. He was viciously beaten up and injured with a bottle or heavy glass and a knife. To stop himself being killed he disarmed one of the students and tried to run away. The students chased him however and continued to kick and beat him. Because of their reckless and aggressive behaviour 5 of them were injured with the knife. Mark's own injuries and the views of every single independent witness were ignored. After a trial characterised by lies, perjury and the withholding and planting of evidence by the Police and Prosecution, Mark was convicted of wounding two of the students with intent, and of unlawfully wounding the other three. Incredibly he received a 12 year prison sentence!

Mark Barnsley released from Whitemoor prison
Miscarriage of justice prisoner Mark Barnsley was finally released from Whitemoor prison on the morning of Monday 24th June 2002


Mark Barnsely


The Police, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Judiciary do not need an excuse to fit working class people up, they do it on a daily basis. In Mark's case though they had an extra incentive, Mark is a lifelong political activist who has been harrassed and targeted by South Yorkshire Police in the past, and maintained a high Special Branch profile for many years. The police have even tried to fit him up before, causing Mark to instigate proceedings for wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution. This action was aimed at officers at the same police station which dealt with the Pomona Incident- And here's another coincidence - The person in charge of this police station in 1994 was formerly a Detective Inspector in the Special Branch, and had personally arrested Mark for a political offence in Dover in 1980.

The fitting-up of Mark Barnsley was entirely politically motivated, the State used the Pomona Incident as a convenient way of taking out a political opponent who had been a thorn in their side for many years.

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We are now proud to anounce that our new 92 page book 'In the Hands of the 
Enemy : Mark Barnsley's Struggle for Justice' is now available. The book is 
a fully illustrated collection of writings by Mark, his family and a broad 
range of his supporters and fellow prisoners. Designed to give the reader a 
fuller understanding of Markís case and his long campaign for justice, the 
many varied articles also give valuable insight into miscarriages of 
justice, the prison system, Markís long history of political activism and 
his connection to the wider struggle for justice. We think this book makes 
powerful reading!
IN THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY:Mark Barnsley's Struggle for Justice
With an Introduction by former Political Prisoner John Barker
Published by Justice for Mark Barnsley.
Available from October 2001.
Paperback, 92 pages, Illustrated.
ISBN: 1-873605-89-7
£6 (includes post & packing).
Orders from outside Europe add £1 for post.
Support Mark's Campaign by asking your local bookshop/library to stock 'In 
The Hands Of The Enemy'. Order 'In The Hands Of The Enemy' by post, direct 
from the J.f.M.B. campaign address below. Review this book in your 
publications or help spread this e-mail or our leaflets. When ordering the 
book, please make cheques/Postal Orders payable to: 'Justice for Mark 
Barnsley'. Orders should be sent to: Justice for Mark Barnsley- PO Box 381, 
Huddersfield, HD1 3XX, England.
"Mark Barnsley is one of Britain's 'secret' political prisoners, a hostage 
of the State. In 1994 he was attacked by 15 middle-class students, and ended 
up sentenced to 12 years in prison for supposedly attacking them. This was 
no 'accidental' miscarriage of justice, but a calculated move by the British 
State to 'take out' a political activist, a long standing thorn in their 
side. In The Hands Of The Enemy takes over where Beaten Up, Fitted Up, 
Locked Up, the first Justice for Mark Barnsley pamphlet, left off. Using 
articles written by friends, comrades, fellow-prisoners, and by Mark 
himself, In The Hands Of The Enemy tells the story of a political prisoner 
described by former Prisons Minister Paul Boateng as 'a major ringleader for 
prisoners unrest', and exposes the depths that the State will go to to deal 
with it's enemies. If, no matter how light-heartedly, youí'e ever classed 
yourself as an enemy of the State, you should read this before it's too 
late, and you too find yourself In The Hands Of The Enemy. "
- From the back cover.
'This book will arouse indignation against a system which can treat ordinary 
people in such a way. It will also inspire others to take up the campaign 
for justice, not only for Mark Barnsley, but for victims of miscarriages of 
justice everywhere.' - Direct Action , Autumn 2001.
'The critical articles on what prison conditions are - and what our rulers 
are planning for them to be - mean this book is indispensable for anyone who 
believes in a freer or fairer society. Anyone who believes in revolutionary 
change would learn a lot from this book: this is not just a warning of what 
the state can (and will) do, but also an inspiring account of revolutionary 
principles in action.' - Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library.
'Each day I'm held within the clutches of a thousand tyrants, big and small, 
who continue to do everything they can to break me. The abuses that I am 
subjected to should be condemned, and loudly, but ultimately they will make 
no difference, they will certainly never achieve their aim of bringing me to 
my knees. I remain defiant, and will continue to fight for justice until my 
dying breath.' - Mark Barnsley, Wakefield Prison 2001.


On Sunday Jan 10th 1999 a "Justice For Mark Barnsley (Ireland Support Group)" was officially established following a talk on the "Pompona Incident"

Mark Barnsley, who is a long time political activist and Prisoners support activist from Sheffield, was sentenced to 12 years in 1994 for self defence, though the British legal system astonishingly called it GBH This was because Mark was attacked by a group of 15 drunk and abusive students at the Pompona Bar in Sheffield while accompanied by a female friend and his week old daughter. In the struggle that ensued Mark and 5 of his attackers were injured. Despite the FACT that ALL independent witnesses agreed that Mark was not the instigator of the fight and was in fact fighting for his life he was given a sentence more in the line with manslaughter or attempted murder'

Mark has been continually victimised by the Police for his history of political activism. One of whom was involved in the prosecution had been successfully sued by Mark years previously on false charges. The local paper The Sheffield Star have constantly sided with the Police, constantly telling lies about the case. Going so far as to complain that Marks' supporters were being "pernickety" for asking that LIES told by The Star be corrected

As Mark has now entered his 5th year in prison an innocent man due to a clear gross miscarriage of justice, we should remember that this could happen to any of us, at anytime. In conjunction with other support groups in England, supporters held a very successful information picket in Belfast before X-Mas, of which further actions are now being planned

We would like to ask you to write cards or letters of support to Mark Barnsley HMP Full Sutton, York, YO41 1 PS, England For further information on the case and how to get involved in the campaign write to our contact address:

PO Box 1981, Derry, Ireland.

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Mark Barnsley released from Whitemoor prison
Miscarriage of justice prisoner Mark Barnsley was finally released from Whitemoor prison on the morning of Monday 24th June 2002

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