Selected press coverage of the referendum

This is by no means a complete archive and concentrates on reports that mention the ANV

Irish Independant 18/02/2002
Fine Gael challenges Ahern to abortion debate on TV (also covers ANV march)

Irish Times - 12/02/2002
Taoiseach scaring people into voting Yes, says family planning group

Irish Indymedia - Tue, Feb 12 2002, 9:51am
Over a 100 meet to mobilise a No vote in the Abortion referendum

Irish Indymedia - Thu, Feb 7 2002
Helen Keogh, Chairwoman of the Well Woman Clinic, speaks on the upcoming abortion referendum (Video)

Irish Times - 04/02/2002
Adelaide Society warns on anti-abortion poll

Irish Times - 04/02/2002
Act 'poses major threats in respect of women's healthcare'

Irish Times - 04/02/2002
Irish women have abortions at later stage of pregnancy than English, Welsh counterparts

Irish Times - 04/02/2002
'Visit to abortion clinic may not be trauma but a relief'

Irish Times - 06/02/2002
Abortion stance 'misrepresented'

Irish Times -
Bill would give women in crisis good reason to feel like criminals

Irish Times - 02/02/2002
Government sets March 6th as polling day on abortion issue

Irish Times - Thu, Jan 24, 02
FG Dail party will have free vote on abortion referendum

Irish Times - 21/01/2002
Doctors say risks arise in poll on abortion

Irish Times - 20/01/2002
Psychiatry excluded on abortion

Student court challenge to abortion referendum

PDs accused of abortion referendum 'hypocrisy'
By Maurice Coffey 18-01-02, 15:22

Women march on Dail against abortion bill
By Fiona McCann29-11-01, 15:23

Irish Times - Saturday, December 22, 2001
Call for abortion poll to be abandoned

Referendum 'will not stop Irish abortions in UK'
By David Labanyi: 21-12-01

Irish Times - Monday, December 10, 2001
Groups criticise plans for abortion ballot

Irish Times - Thursday, November 29, 2001
Martin rules out emergency scenarios

Irish Times - Monday, October 8, 2001
New coalition begins No campaign

Sunday Business Post - Oct. 7th
Crumbling consensus for Bertie's referendum. By Emily O'Reill

Sunday Business Post - Oct. 7th
O'Donnell supports abortion in certain circumstances. By Emily O'Reilly

Sunday Business Post - Oct. 7th
Bill will endanger the lives of the most vulnerable women

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