Protest letter to Dept. of Justice

Immigrant Solidarity requests that you send the message below to

Attn: Minister John O'Donoghue
Dept of Justice, Equality and Law Reform
72-76 St Stephen's Green
Dublin 2

Re: Recent Deportations Under The Dublin Convention

Dear Mr O'Donoghue

I wish to protest in the strongest possible terms against the recent deportations carried out by your department. To force a person out of this country under the arbitrary dictate of the 'Dublin Convention' is an absolute affront to ordinary decent humanity. As everyone knows the Dublin Convention is just a diplomat's sleight of hand that enables you to discriminate against economic and political migrants. I demand that you stop immediately.

Irish people have left Ireland for over one hundred years to seek and find a better life. That you can now turn around and treat people so abominably is an utter disgrace. It is also an indication of great hypocrisy. Both you and your officials should know that you are not acting either for or in the name of Irish people. Irish people, both in Ireland and outside, strongly disagree with your action.

Once again I demand that you desist from these deportations. You are causing great distress within the asylum-seeking community in Ireland. Asylum-seekers need our help and assistance, not your inconsiderate deportation orders.