Pro-choice group condemns bully-boys

Alliance for Choice
Press statement / Sept 5/ 2003

Pro-choice group condemns bully-boys

8 men and 2 women associated with Youth Defence now the Mother and Child Campaign today attempted to break up the successful press conference of the Alliance for Choice in the Shelbourne Hotel. The press conference had representatives of the IFPA, Cherish, Well Woman, the ICCL, WERRC, the National Women s Council, the Cork Women's Right to Choose Group, the Alliance for Choice and Prionsias DeRossa MEP in attendance. It was calling for the removal of the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution, today being the 20th anniversary of the referendum that introduced it.

The event was also the launch of a collection of short articles - 20 years of the 8th Amendment - by people who were involved in the 1983 referendum or who have been active in pro-choice politics since then.

Commenting on the attempt to break up the press conference, Sinéad Kennedy said:

"We condemn the violent and intimidatory actions of these Youth Defence people in their efforts to break up our press conference. While we disagree entirely with what they say, we would never attack them in the way they acted today in the Shelbourne. They have no right to prevent other people expressing their views. They showed today their intolerance to those they disagree with, and to women who choose to have abortions. They will not stop us campaigning for the removal of the 8th Amendment, and for the legalisation of abortion in Ireland. "

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The Alliance for Choice

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