Wishes of pregnant girl must come first says pro-choice group

Thursday 11/12/2003

The pro-choice group 'Alliance for Choice' today said that the case of the pregnant 14 year old girl in the care of the Midland Health Board again shows how the ban on abortion in Ireland creates huge problems for women with crisis pregnancies, and for those responsible for the care of girls with crisis pregnancies.

Commenting on the current situation, Rosanna Flynn said:

"The main considerations in all of this must be the wishes and the best interests of this girl. At present, the indications are that she wants to terminate the pregnancy. As far as we are aware, the girl has been interviewed by a psychiatrist, who recommended that the Midland Health Board should facilitate a termination. We also assume that the Midland Health Board has counselled the girl and outlined all the options available: going full term; adoption; or termination. If the MHB is examining the possibility of taking her to Britain for a termination, we can only assume it's because she said that is what she wants. The MHB should make sure her wishes are carried out as soon as possible."

Commenting on the girl being brought out of the country, Niav Keating said:

"This 14 year old girl has been moved from country to country because there were not the facilities here to care for her, and has become pregnant while in care. Now, when facing a crisis pregnancy, she is being put under more pressure by the so-called Pro Life Campaign.

If this girl wants an abortion, those responsible for her care should facilitate that. Being forced to have a baby against her will can only add enormous problems to someone who would appear to have enough difficulties as it is. She should be able to have an abortion here in Ireland, and not be brought out of the country yet again. It's high time the law was changed, so that women in these circumstances can have their needs met at home."

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The Alliance for Choice

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