Reviews of Hardt and Negri's Empire

Is the emperor wearing clothes? [In Swedish]
A review of Negri and Hardt's book Empire from an anarchist perspective (Andrew Flood)


Empire review

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Is the emperor wearing clothes?

A review of Negri and Hardt's Empire from an anarchist perspective


Left Business Observer #96, February 2001
Quite good at looking as some of the emperical facts around Empire

Toni Negri in perspective Autumn 2001
Alex Callincos
long article from the IS international leader but doesn't say a whole lot new as it concentrates on the correct reading of holy father Marx

Gopal Balakrishnan New Left Review 5 September-October 2000
Contains a fairly good explanations of the Roman era references in Empire

John Bellamy Foster Monthly Review December 2001
Concentrates on Empires treatment of Imperialism

Malcolm Bull, The London Review of Books October 2001
Quite long with a bit about the Spinoza stuff

The Observer Profile: Michael Hardt Empire hits back July 2001
from the British liberal paper

Struggles for freedom (Feb 2001)
Andrew Coates reviews Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri's Empire

The Ineducable Left (Feb 2001)
Brian C. Anderson in First Things, the Journal of Religion and Public Life

Ronaldo Munck

J.W. Mason Marxism list Dec 2001

Robert J. Bliwise Duke Magazine Nov 2001
Post S11 interrview with Hardt

Charles Mudede and Nicolas Veroli September 2001

Dean Kuipers, LA Times, Oct 2001
Fairly decent but basic post S11 introduction

Duncan S. A. Bell, Centre of International Studies, Cambridge University

Roger Kimball The New Criterion October 2001
Very ranty attack on Empire partly based on the obscure language and use of Marx and partly on Negri's connection with the Red Brigades

Alan Wolfe The New Republic October 2001
A relatively coherant right liberal critique that loses it completely at times. Most of the other right wing reviews rip this one off.

Jon Beasley-Murray
draft paper which is quite good on the Italian political background

Dick Richter

Quoted comments from the Harvard Review of Books
A selection of quotations from reviews of Empire

Review by Laurance Cox Libertartian,Irish Academic and Activist

Review from the English Class war

Aaron Shuman June 2000

Background material

Hardt and Negri 'chat' on Empire
Quite useful for clarifying some of the issues that have arisen and the terms used in Empire

resources for empire reading group

The Relevance of Antonio Negri to the Anti-Globalization Movement July 2001
Not Bored
Starts off with a critique of Negri's softness on the level of state involvement in the Red Brigades and extends this to the Black Block in Genoa. Left communist perspective

The new workerism: the politics of the Italian autonomists Spring 1980
Jack Fuller
Fairly mechanical description of the autonomists from a Trotskyist viewpoint

Amnesty for Tony Negri

Executive Intelligence Review "Toni Negri, Profile of A Terrorist Ideologue" August
Nutty Lyndon LaRouche publication, wonderfully paranoid article that links Negri to the Emperor Vespasian!