Index of DGN press releases

The real Mayday street party is still on - April 2
The Government may have cancelled its 'Beautiful Night' concert in O'Connell Street, but the real Mayday weekend street party is going ahead.

Dublin Grassroots Network seeks clarification on Mayday powers for police and army - April 20
Huge disruption is to be caused to Dublin by the EU ministers' Dublin Castle photocall, which entails the closing of Dame Street, and the Farmleigh banquet, for which Europe's largest public park is to be sealed off by a rumoured seven miles of razor-wire, water-cannons, soldiers and armed gardai.

Will gardai be allowed to shoot protestors? - 21 April
Mayday protest organisers have called for clarification on police and army powers for the Mayday weekend

Mayday organisers reject GRA allegations - 21 April
The Dublin Grassroots Network, who are organising a weekend of events this May Day to highlight "Fortress Europe", have sharply criticised recent statements from Garda Representative Association (GRA) general secretary, PJ Stone, as heightening tensions and criminalising the right to protest.

Royston backs down over May Day protests
Dublin's Lord Mayor Royston Brady has been forced to admit that the May Day protests planned in Dublin are legitimate and that "every citizen has a right to make a peaceful protest".

Mayday protests will not be cancelled - organisers - April 22
Mayday protests events in Dublin will go ahead, organisers insisted today (Thursday). They were responding to a garda decision to ban protests on the weekend when Ireland hosts the EU summit.

Grassroots Network invites Dubliners to join May Day events - April 24
Dublin Grassroots Network has called for the people of Dublin to join in May Day parties and protests and make their voice heard in the face of Garda attempts to prevent the events and unfounded scare stories.

Bertie, gardai have lost the plot, say protestors - April 26
Gardai and politicians have lost the plot completely and are saying the first thing that comes into their heads

Government 'putting gun back into Irish politics' - April 27
The Government is "putting the gun back into Irish politics" by deploying armed gardai and soldiers to deal with May Day protests, according to protest organisers.

May Day Protest Dress Rehearsal - April 27
Come and see what is really planned for May Day in Dublin this weekend.

Demonstrators challenge anonymous smear campaign against right to protest - April 27
One of the main groups organising protests against Dublin's EU summit in May has criticised an anonymous smear campaign aimed at undermining the right to protest.


"All Aboard For May Day Mobilisation in Dublin" - April 28
Cork activists of the Grassroots Network are on their way to Dublin for the major mobilisation in the capital this weekend.

Arrests confirm pattern of garda harassment - April 28
The arrests of three protestors in Dublin last night (Tuesday night) have been branded by protest organisers as simply the latest in a campaign of garda harassment in the run-up to next weekend's protests.

May Day organisers condemn Polish represssion - April 28
Dublin Grassroots Network, which is organising a Mayday weekend of events for an alternative Europe, today condemned the repression of activists campaigning against the World Economic Forum in Warsaw.

Dublin Grassroots: Saturday march not cancelled - April 30
Dublin Grassroots Network reject in the strongest possible terms allegations made in recent television news that our Saturday "Bring the Noise" march has been "cancelled".

Organisers condemn banning of May Day march - April 30
Dublin Grassroots Network, the group organising the "Bring the Noise" march to Farmleigh House at 6 pm on Saturday evening, has condemned Garda measures announced yesterday evening which amount to the banning of the march

Banned march went ahead - May 2
We have shown that it is not so easy to take away democratic freedoms. You can break people's bones. You can throw them in jail. But they will still assemble. And they will not give up the right to protest so easily.

Injured protesters were denied access to hospital - May 3
The Dublin Grassroots Network has expressed concern at the non-reporting of injures caused by the Garda attack on demonstrators on the Navan road on Saturday evening.


Attempt to criminalise protest overturned - May 5
Spokespeople for the Dublin Grassroots Network welcomed this afternoon's High Court decision, which overturned the District Court's refusal to grant bail to May Day protestors

Civil liberties were suspended for "security operation" - May 7
Dublin Grassroots Network, the organisers of many of the May Day protest events, today condemned the effective suspension of civil liberties for the weekend.

Fortress Dublin? The criminalisation of protest and the demonisation of dissent - May 7
This dossier is a very brief list of events, all of which can be readily documented from obvious sources (media archives, Indymedia).It consists of two parts: firstly a chronicle of recent events giving rise to concern from the moment of the banning of the Farmleigh march; secondly a dossier of "dirty tricks" which we prepared before the banning of the march and released on Friday, April 30th.

May day spokespeople resign en masse - May 13
We volunteered to do a particular job. Now that job is done, our mandates are over




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