Other DGN announcements

No Borders, No Nations - March 4
The consolidation of the EU's immigration policy has led in one direction: Fortress Europe. This is the policy of a Europe that cares only about profit and economic expansion, at the detriment of human life.

Protect the right to protest: Dublin Grassroots Network this Sunday - April 3
Please come to the next Dublin Grassroots Network meeting and lend a hand. Even if you are unable or feel too intimidated to come out on May Day, you can help us with publicity, media work, finance or legal support.

No Borders camp details
On Sunday May 2nd the Dublin Grassroots Network will be opening a temporary No Borders camp to welcome asylum seekers and refugees to Ireland.

Open letter to Garda Commissioner and Minister for Justice (and his reply)
In the wake of media scare stories surrounding security plans for Mayday, the Dublin Grassroots Network once again seeks clarification

Dossier of "dirty tricks"
May Day organisers: government "inciting a riot"


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