ARC supports Italian day of action

Message of Support to January 29th Day of Action Florence & Milan from Anti Racism Campaign (Dublin, Ireland)

The Anti Racism Campaign (Dublin, Ireland) sends fraternal greetings to your demonstrations against Fortress Europe, and as a gesture of solidarity will place a picket on the Italian Trade Centre in Dublin on January 29th.

Anti-racism and pro-immigrant groups across Europe face the same battles as we attempt to confront the establishment and entrenchment of Fortress Europe. Fortress Europe has led directly to the deaths of hundreds of immigrants as European Union governments attempt to keep people fleeing war, persecution and extreme poverty out.

EU governments, in order to whip up support for their Fortress Europe policies have been working hard at whipping up racist hysteria across Europe. The task which faces us all is to point the finger of blame for poverty and unemployment in the EU firmly where it belongs - at the governments and politicians whose policies have led directly to this poverty and deprivation.

We must make it clear that racism serves only the interests of those who benefit from the current political and economic system. It is in the interest of ordinary people throughout the EU to extend the hand of solidarity to immigrants and refugees and together to confront the Fortress Europe policies of EU governments.

In solidarity, and looking forward to further co-operation in future activities.

Anti Racism Campaign

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