Automatic repatriation agreements for asylum seekers with Romania, Poland and Nigeria!!!

Even seasoned observers of the Irish Governments increasingly vindictive actions against asylum seekers were astonished at their latest move. Firstly the minister for Justice has concluded automatic repatriation agreements for asylum seekers with Romania and Poland and is shortly to sign one with Nigeria. To help enforce the possible mass deportations the government have now invited in police from both countries into the country to supervise the process. Let us take one deep breath, step back and consider hypocrisy on a truly mind numbing scale!

The guilty walk free the innocent are punished. In some ways this new policy would be like bringing the Gestapo over to round up escaped Jews during World War II. Over the page [below] we print some details of Romania's and Nigeria's records lest there be any doubt!

Nigeria has been plundered by a military dictatorship since 1984. Despite having massive resources especially oil the country was ranked 19th poorest in the world by the World Development Bank. This didn't stop one of the generals; David Mark from investing £5.2 million in St Margarets Golf Club in Dublin (reckoned to be one of the best in the country) The Country's record of detention with out trial ( 45% of prisoners have never been tried), torture, murder and corruption has led to it being condemned not only by the likes of Amnesty International but by the European Union. The EU introduced sanctions after the killing of Ken Saro Wiwa and 8 Ogoni activists in 1995. The Nigerian government claims to have held democratic elections in 1999 but there were no parties not controlled by the generals, almost all opposition figures were in jail and the election was marked by vote buying, intimidation and bribery. And surprise, surprise the winner another General; General Obasanjo who, though he was in prison, also has a record of human rights violations between 1976 and 1979.

The cops being invited from Romania are the direct descendants of Ceausescu's Securitate. In East Germany the Stasi was disbanded and their records destroyed but the Romanian SRI retained the Securitate agents, their files and their methods! Life in Romania is tough particularly for Lesbians and Gays, Evangelical Protestants and the Roma. The Roma are the forgotten victims of the holocaust. In Romania alone 36,000 died under the murderous regime of the Nazi puppet leader Marshall Antonesia. Today Roma face massive economic disadvantages and daily murderous attacks, which are ignored or sanctioned by the Romanian government.

So while criminals walk free or are rewarded with new jobs we invite in cops from vicious regimes to drag back those fleeing; often for their lives. We think this stinks. If you do too why not do something about it? Join the Anti Racism Campaign !

leaflet issued May/June 2000

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