Racist lies

At present leaflets are being pushed through letterboxes in working class areas of Dublin which blame refugees for the numerous problems we face in this country. The racist group `Immigration Control Platform' [ICP] are intent on increasing racial tension in our areas.

The ICP are trying to convince us that we had no housing shortage, no hospital queues, no social welfare problems, etc. before the refugees arrived.

Just whose agenda are they pushing?

By trying to blame refugees the ICP are letting those really responsible for the housing shortage and health service crisis off the hook. The present and previous Governments are directly responsible for the current problems, yet the ICP don't mention that.

Who benefits from conflict between working class people and refugees?

The corrupt politicians and their cronies do, of course. Blaming refugees takes the pressure off the tax dodging TDs and businessmen who are to blame for the lack of investment in social services. Such racists want to see refugees and Irish people fighting for their `equal shares' of poverty. Racists must not be allowed to graft their policies onto the legitimate concerns of working class communities.

Does this sound familiar?

"At the last count well over 4,000,000 Irish parasites have set up home in the United Kingdom. The majority arrive on our doorstep with begging bowl in hand. The State is being bled dry by Irish buffoons. It is high time that the Irish aliens were booted back to their own bankrupt country. The money saved should be spent on our friends, the brave Ulster Loyalists."
From British National Front Newspaper `The Flag' - 1989

Race hate leaflets such as those from the ICP lead directly to increased physical attacks on black people in Ireland. Some people will believe this lying propaganda and use it as an excuse to beat people up because of their skin colour. In Germany in 1993 riots against asylum-seekers were whipped up by racist and fascist gangs, which resulted in arson attacks on hostels and immigrants' houses in which innocent people, including children, were murdered.

Fascists and racists are NOT the allies of working class people, they are our enemies. They use culture and skin colour to divide the people who have the lowest income and share the same economic interests. Like the fascists in the rest of Europe, the ICP are anti-union and have picketed the HQ of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. The function of fascism is to split and destroy the working class. In Italy and Germany, before World War Two, the first victims of fascism were trade unionists and community leaders.

Leaflet Issued by:
Anti Fascist Action, PO Box 3355, Dublin 7
Anti Racism Campaign, C/o 10 Upr Camden St., D2
Residents Against Racism, 10 Upr Camden St., D2


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