No deportations here!!

A Supreme Court judgement late last year has opened the way for imminent deportations of asylum seekers and refugees from this country. The court ruled that asylum seekers must apply for asylum in the first EU country they enter. This is re-inforced by the "Dublin Convention". The effect of this piece of racist legislation is to condemn people fleeing poverty and persecution to the threat of being returned to that poverty or persecution.

The reality is that this legislation suits those who wish to keep asylum seekers out. How many asylum seekers are actually going to make it to Ireland, an island, as the first EU country they enter?

The racist manner in which black and coloured people are already being treated by immigration cops in the airports and ferryports and on trains from the North makes a mockery of "Ireland of the welcomes".

We know that other EU countries are refusing asylum applications and deporting people back to the countries they fled from, where many of them face arrest, torture and even death. During one such deportation in England, a woman, Joy Gardner, was handled so brutally by immigration police that she died before she'd even left.

The hypocrisy of an Irish government threatening to deport people from this country when hundreds of thousands of Irish people are economic refugees in other countries is sickening.

We must all organise to resist any threatened deportations and to make our opposition to this barbaric practice known to politicians and the media.

We must stand in solidarity with asylum seekers and refugees and resist the attempts being made to stir up racist feelings and to clear the way for deportations.

We call on all trade unionists, especially those working in the airports and ferryports to refuse to co-operate with any attempted deportations.

The racists who put disgusting leaflets through people's doors are still a very small minority in this country. The racism practised by the State must be organised against as well as tackling these thugs.

The Anti Racism Campaign has been formed by individuals and organisations who want to fight against racism and blind hatred in favour of a multi-cultural Ireland where everyone is equal and free to express their own culture and identity. Racism will always raise its ugly head while we live in an unfair society where there is unequal and unjust distribution of wealth.

To fight against racism we must fight against the problems that cause it. The ARC will work with any like-minded individual or organisation.

The Anti Racism Campaign meets every Wednesday at 8p.m. in the Irish Vietnamese Centre, Hardwicke St., Dublin 1. All welcome!