Callely - still stirring up racial hatred

In a leaflet recently distributed to parts of his constituency, Ivor Callely, Fianna Fail TD for Dublin North Central, has repeated his statement of last December that the spending of money on asylum seekers is "..wasteful of scarce resources and a misuse of taxpayers' fundsÉ" It seems that Mr. Callely has learned nothing from the overwhelmingly negative reaction to his previous statements on this issue and is determined to continue to stir up feelings of racial hatred.

In his leaflet Mr. Callely states, rightly, that 70% of current applications for asylum are still outstanding. He then goes on to claim that "..a considerable proportion of applicants are found to be not deserving of asylum."

How has Mr. Callely decided this given that the vast majority of cases have never even been heard? Perhaps he is consulting the same crystal ball which has told the Minister for Justice that 90% of applicants for asylum can expect to be deported!!

The propagation of myths such as these is designed to deflect attention from decades of neglect of working class communities by successive governments and to clear the way for the deportation of large numbers of people. Asylum seekers are being made into scapegoats for problems of poverty and deprivation which existed in Ireland long before their arrival.

FACT: The number of asylum seekers coming to Ireland is tiny by international standards. There are currently between 3,000 and 4,000 asylum seekers in Ireland. Compare this to the estimated 30 million displaced people in the world.

FACT: Around 5 million people live in the 32 Counties today, compared to over 8 million 150 years ago. Ireland has plenty of room for asylum seekers.

FACT: Asylum seekers are not allowed to work or study until their cases have been processed. This can take more than 3 years. In the meantime they must claim social welfare or starve. They are only entitled to the lowest possible social welfare payment (Community Welfare Allowance).

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