A word of warning!

It has come to the notice of the Anti-Racism Campaign that an asylum-seeker who has been granted full status and given travel documents, was stopped by immigration officers on his way back into Dublin airport shortly after Christmas.

On showing his travel documents, immigration chose not to recognise these and demanded he produce the passport of his birth-country.

Even though he explained that he did not possess such a passport, and repeatedly showed his Irish-given travel document, the man was kept in a cell overnight until a phone call could be made by the Dept. of Justice the

next morning to confirm his status. Does this mean immigration officers do not recognise documents issued by their own government? Why don't they have a way of checking if people have been given status at the airport?

We would like to remind people who have been given status that your travel documents should have a multiple-entry visa put into them before travelling abroad. These are available from the Dept. of Foreign Affairs.

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